Holy Rod Gilbert!

Yesterday, in a post about 2 New York Rangers’ visit to Chase Bank in Westport, I casually mentioned that it was too bad Rod Gilbert didn’t come.

I could have picked maybe 500 famous players from the team’s past. I chose him.


Turns out Rod was here too.

Rod Gilbert

Yes, it’s really him.

And I’m told he thought my mention of him was pretty funny.

Now, let’s see if my magic touch works for someone else.

Too bad President Obama wasn’t here yesterday…

7 responses to “Holy Rod Gilbert!

  1. Wish this had been publicized!


  2. Nancy Powers Conklin

    Your blog spreads far and wide, Dan!

  3. Jonas Shapiro

    Hilarious. Hot Rod! Regardless of who was at Chase, no professional sporting event will ever compare to the 1985 Sargent Slaughter vs. Jon Scher wrestling match at Coleytown Middle School. Now that was epic!

  4. Westport is a Rangers town – they know where their fans live! (I’m making believe I don’t see you, Bruins fans)

  5. Adam Schwartz '75

    No Bruins fans West of New Haven!

  6. Adam Schwartz '75

    No Bruins fans West of New Haven!

  7. Adam Schwartz '75

    We need the complete line. Where is Jean Ratelle and Vic Hadfield?