Pixar Is Up2 Something Here

To you and me, it looks like a typical teardown lot.

To Disney’s Pixar film studio though, it may be a movie set:

Pixar in Westport

Earlier today, alert “06880” reader Siobhan Crise spotted this poster affixed to the construction site’s chain link fence.

It reads:

Production site notice for Pixar’s Up2.
Executive producer: Barron Von Gimple
Producer: Compo Cornhole Club
Please stay clear of this work area.
Filming to begin 1/12/16.
Flash photography prohibited.

A Google search of “Barron Von Gimple” turns up nothing. “Compo Cornhole Club”: ditto.

There’s nothing for “UP2” either, except a trailer from either 2012 or 2015 — it’s hard to tell, if you check out the video on the full YouTube site — which may or may not be fake:

“06880” has either a huge scoop, or we’ve all been scammed.

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13 responses to “Pixar Is Up2 Something Here

  1. Lee Scharfstein

    UP is a CGI/animated movie. No “filming” required.

  2. It’s got to be a hoax. Pixar movies are animated–they don’t DO filming on location!

    • I know – but maybe they need inspiration from certain real spots. I’m sure it’s a hoax, though, based on the other bogus stuff.

  3. one thing learned from 30 years working in Hollywood…never trust Disney !!
    teaching at CalArts (Roy Disney) did nothing to change my feelings about them otherwise…the Compo Cornhole Club part is fairly far out…

  4. Jill Turner Odice

    I also tried looking up anything about it and only found a thing about “Down” which was a joke…I think somebody is pulling your leg just to see what happens…:-)

  5. They’re elevating the house, so I imagine the contractor is having some fun and playing off of that. No sequel for UP is currently in development!

  6. Poster or ImPoster, I’ll go and ck it out if you give me an address and report back, It’s hollywood anything is possible. Why I’m not so quick to dismiss it is someone went to some trouble and expense to make the poster and put it up, grommets and all.

  7. All the Pixar movies are researched with real items toys, cars location/area. Example for Cars they went to Old Route 66 to recreate the real businesses and talk to the area people to make it authentic. Pixar developers love to get the back story and incorporate what they’ve learned into the script and movie. Let’s see if this is Research or someone with a great sense of humor.