Bridgeport Fire: Update

Two days after the devastating Bridgeport condominium fire, dozens of Westporters have leaped in to help. “06880” reader Elaine Marino — who has spearheaded Westport’s efforts — provides this update:

What’s needed are not more clothes. Instead, people should purchase things like toiletries, toothbrushes, toilet paper, soap, shampoo, diapers, baby formula, socks, etc. — in bulk if possible.

Sorting everything in the bags is an enormous task. Receiving a case of baby formula or diapers is far easier to distribute. The items can be left at Elaine’s house: 129 Sturges Highway, near the corner of Cross Highway.

If items were expected to be picked up today, email She will confirm pickup tomorrow (Sunday).

“06880” reader Mary Ann West adds:

The response to the victims of the huge Bridgeport fire has been amazing. I was at Town Hall today with members of the Red Cross Disaster Response Team. It was heartwarming to see families with children taking time to donate food, gift cards, clothing, toys and household items.

Almost all the people are in temporary housing, either staying with family, friends or alternative situations, just starting the process of beginning from scratch. Yesterday and today they were picking up items for their immediate short-term needs. Once they get settled in they will be starting from zero. This will be a longer-term effort to help the 120 people who lost everything, including their cars.

Westport Town Hall - Bridgeport relief

The scene in Town Hall, earlier. today. (Photo/Mary Ann West)


3 responses to “Bridgeport Fire: Update

  1. As a Westporter (SHS ’75) now living in Bridgeport, please accept the Park City’s gratitude and thanks.

  2. Beth Orlan Berkowitz

    I just spoke to one person who lost everything in this fire and she took what money she had, (not much) and bought toys for her neighbors kids’ who lost all their Christmas presents. I think what many of these people need the most is a place to live! Many don’t have any place to store what people are donating, because they haven’t found a new place to live yet! I’m trying to locate a 1 bedroom apartment for her, but it’s hard to find something she can afford, as she was paying only $750/month there.
    Does anyone know of an apartment within her price range? She would prefer something close to mass transit since she doesn’t drive and Stratford is where she has family so someplace near there would be great! Please let me know and i will pass the information along to her. She works in Westport and many of you may know her, so I won’t post any more personal info here, so she isn’t embarrassed at all. Please let me know if you have any leads at all. She is a very lovely person. Thanks.

    • Elaine Marino

      Hi, Beth,

      From what I was told today, the families that require relocation will not be asked to store anything. The donated items will be sorted, inventoried and stored at a giant warehouse in Bridgeport (if not two warehouses) until each family is placed in their new home. At that time, volunteers will transport the furniture, personal items, etc., so the new family will not be burdened to do so.

      This woman sounds like a very special person indeed. I am “on the job” to help if I can. Does she need an apartment that accepts pets?

      Many thanks,