Oh My 06880 — Photo Challenge #52

Happy anniversary to us!

This marks the end of the 1st year of our weekly photo challenge. Created by wonderful photographer Lynn U. Miller (with help from a few others), each Sunday we roam around town. We present scenes — okay, itty-bitty pieces of scenes — you pass by regularly, and ask you to remember where you’ve seen them.

We’ve featured shots from the beach, Main Street, Town Hall — places familiar to all, but not always instantly recognizable. Last Sunday’s photo of the bell at Viva Zapata’s, for example, was identified by only 3 people: Bill Kiedaisch, Evan Barr and Michael Dobbs. (Several folks thought it was across Riverside Avenue, at the fire station.) For the photo and comments, click here.

We celebrate our anniversary with a photo that literally says “Westport”:

Oh My 06880 - December 27, 2015

If you think you know where it is, click “Comments” below. We’ll be back next Sunday, with another edition of “Oh My 06880.”

41 responses to “Oh My 06880 — Photo Challenge #52

  1. Seth Schachter

    Westport Train Station —— ?

  2. Saugatuck station

  3. Train Station

  4. Kathryn Sirico

    Saugatuck station

  5. Train Station in Saugatuck

  6. To easy the train station saugatuck

  7. Metro-North station in Saugatuck.

  8. westport train station….Metro North stations sign on the platforms

  9. Train station sign at WESTPORT station

  10. John Englehart

    The typeface, the design — gotta be the Saugatuck train platform!?

  11. Westport Train Station

  12. I wanted to end the year with an easy one. Of course, it’s the Westport trian station!

  13. Sandy Soennichsen

    Side of one of the town school buses

  14. Westport Train Station

  15. Patrick Pellicone

    Saugatuck train station

  16. Metro north sign

  17. Kathie Bennewitz

    Great project and blog series! I am sure there are another 53 to be had!

    This is easy –saugatuck station mta sign!

  18. Janis Wasserman

    Saugatuck Train Station

  19. Northbound or southbound (east/west), Bridgeport or New York?

  20. It seems too obvious for it to be the sign on the platform at the Saugstuck railroad station. Is it?

  21. At the train station!

  22. Has to be Train Station!

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  23. At the Westport’s railroad station.
    I grew up in Westport in Covlee but have lived in Bethel for almost 50 years. Class of ’59 Staples (first at ‘new’ school). My home room and several classes was in the OLD building on Riverside ave. Anybody remember the rifle range in the basement of the ‘new’ building?

    • Hi Tom,
      I don’t remember the rifle range, by the new building do you mean on North Ave, or the “new building” on Riverside? When you say the old building I think of the old brick Bedford Building on Riverside. Do we have your current address for the classmates listing?
      Happy New Year
      Kathy Calise

      • Kathy
        I think so as it hasn’t changed in forty years. Great to hear from you. The old building was the brownstone named for Horace (?) Staples. The new one was the long building with the cafe in the huge bow window room. Two yrs there and one in the NEW school on North ave. Wow, where has time gone. I’ll be 75 on Friday.

  24. Got here too late, but of course it’s just the Saugatuck train station. I’m really posting to wish you a Happy New Year, and to thank you for your wonderful blog, which brightens up my day.

  25. Westport Saugatuck train station

  26. Jill Turner Odice

    Even if I don’t live there anymore…I pretty much assumed the Train Station too …

  27. I am pretty sure I can spot this one all the way from Los Cabos, Dan. Looks a lot like the sign(s) at the train station.

  28. Gerry Kuroghlian

    Train Station!

  29. Westport train station, North side!

  30. The sign at the saugatuck train station

  31. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    Hmm. Or is it really a Stop at Willoughby?

  32. Westport train station?

  33. Christine Bisceglie

    Westport Train Station second it .

  34. Thomas orofino

    Westport train station in westport

  35. Nan Buziak Lexow

    A great sign replica hanging inside one of my many favorite stores in Westport, Indulge By Mersene at the Westport Train Station. Mersene is the best!

  36. Train Station Saugatuck