Taters For The Taking

Alert and very kind “06880” reader Christy Colasurdo writes:

Easton farmer Patti Popp just posted on Facebook that due to this crazy warm weather and extended growing season, she has more than 50 crates of organic potatoes — and no one to take them off her hands.

She’s reached out to restaurants, food pantries and families in need, but because this is such a hectic time of year, it’s tough moving these organic spuds. She’s bummed because they were grown with love and care.

I’ve known Patti a long time. She’s a fixture on the local green foods scene, and is at the Westport Farmers’ Market every week. I’m sure some local organization would love to be the recipient of such a terrific haul.

So: If anyone knows anyone — a family in need, or organization — that can use these holiday taters, Patti will donate them. Plus butternut squash and cabbage. Click “Comments” below — or email ccasama@optonline.net.

Loading potatoes. Can you help "unload" them?

Loading crates of potatoes. Can you help “unload” them?


4 responses to “Taters For The Taking

  1. Sent Patti an email. Perhaps Homes with Hope or Gillespie Center?

  2. Jennifer Rankine

    Also sent a note to Patti – The Open Door Shelter in Norwalk will welcome donations. Their number is 203-866-1057 and we gave the email address provided to the shelter. Very nice of Patti – enough pototoes to go around. Thanks for sharing the information

  3. Ruth Kalla Ungerer

    What about Gillespie Ho?use

  4. Christy Colasurdo

    Thank you all! We received a flurry of private responses from local food pantries, shelters and other venues that are thrilled to offer these delicious fresh foods to their clients. I’d also like to thank the town’s go-to-guy, Dan Woog. Dan, you are the first person many of us think of when we want to save a local bakery, celebrate the success of a Staples grad doing amazing things in the world, mourn the loss of a hometown hero, and on and on. Your service to the community is immeasurable, and I thank you for all you do every day to provide us with an insider’s guide to what’s happening right here in our little corner of the world. You rock!!!