New Benchmarks For Compo Beach

An alert “06880” reader spotted this interesting new arrangement of benches yesterday, at Compo’s South Beach:

Benches - Compo South Beach

He wonders about the possibilities:

  • A new open air church or synagogue?
  • VIP viewing for sunsets?
  • A crazy workout regimen? (Those benches are heavy.)
  • Teenagers with way too much time on their hands?

I have no idea. If you do, click “Comments” below.


5 responses to “New Benchmarks For Compo Beach

  1. Beth Berkowitz

    I think it is the annual migration of the benches. They are heading north for the winter since it is too warm around here and they need a break from the people always wanting to sit down on them.

  2. C’mon, Dan- don’t you know it’s reserve seating to view The Submarine Races?

  3. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    To watch the Geminid meteor shower, of course.

  4. Sharon Paulsen

    Art installation:
    “View From A Bench” series!

    (Just kidding – no clue here).

    Perhaps it’s a “let’s move the wedding ceremony outside today, a week and a half before Christmas … because … “warm-ish”!!

    Nancy’s “watch the sky – or – avoid the GOP debates” sentiment works too.