…But It Sure Helps

The bumper sticker of the year, spotted by alert “06880” reader Chris Grimm:

'You don't have to be rude' - bumper sticker


5 responses to “…But It Sure Helps

  1. But it helps.
    (Sorry, couldn’t resist).

    Almost got run down in a pedestrian cross-walk by a guy in a Corvette, who gave me the finger when I yelled as he whizzed by. I thought I caught a CT license plate – 2 LATE. “Well, that explains it.” I thought.

    • I just had a similar experience downtown. The horse-drawn sleigh (http://06880danwoog.com/2015/12/12/warmth-of-the-season/) was about to clomp into Main Street, after picking up passengers in front of Vineyard Vines. A Very Important Person driving behind tried to pass on the left. I signaled at him to slow down and wait. He rolled down his window. “What are you yelling at me for?” he asked.

      Remarkably, he was not on a cell phone. Which means he has absolutely no excuse for being such a, um, horse’s ass.

  2. OK, you got me…where can you get these bumper stickers and why don’t they give them away at town hall?

  3. Loretta Santella Hallock

    Where can I get one?

  4. I inadvertently ended up driving the length and breadth of Manhattan (don’t ask!) including Santathon celebrations on the lower east side, and people gave way, didn’t yell rude things and no one gave me the finger…unlike driving around my hometown.