Yes, Only 3 Weeks Till Christmas…

…though you wouldn’t know it from the late-October foliage at Longshore.

The course is in great shape, and these golfers were out earlier today on the 8th hole:

(Photo/Fred Cantor)

(Photo/Fred Cantor)

Meanwhile, the Saugatuck River is still pleasant enough for paddling. Alert “06880” reader Jamie Lindenbaum was out this morning, and captured this scene:

Saugatuck River paddle - Jamie Lindenbaum

Happy holidays! The weather outside is definitely not frightful!

2 responses to “Yes, Only 3 Weeks Till Christmas…

  1. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    It seems peaceful. A nice break from the “world”.

  2. I love it, but it’s really not good for the environment. Sorry to be such a sad sack, but that’s why the President is in Paris