Giving Thanks

Thank you.

Thank you to Westport, for being — despite the ease and frequency with which we/I often knock it — a wonderful, warm, creative, arts-supporting, involved and ever-evolving community.

Thank you to all who make it so. As Westport prepares for the future — with new retail and residential developments on both sides of the river downtown, and in Saugatuck; with bridge repairs in various states of discussion and (in)action, and many more changes in store — we are not all on the same page. But in our own way, each of us wants what is best for our town. And, thankfully, we are nowhere near as dysfunctional as Washington.

Thank you to the people I spend so much time with: Westport’s teenagers. You are smart, passionate, compassionate and clever. You work far harder than I did when I was at Staples. You’ve got far more pressures on you than I had. Yet you handle it all with maturity and poise (most of the time). And you do it with plenty of smiles.

Thank you to the readers of “06880.” You are never without opinions, information and feedback. You feed me ideas and photos. You read my words at 5 a.m., noon and midnight. And when I tell you sorry, I can’t post a story about your lost cat/upcoming book signing/daughter’s lemonade stand, you (for the most part) understand.

Those are my thanks, this Thanksgiving day 2015. I’d love to hear yours. And — more importantly — so would everyone else in this great “06880” community. Just click “Comments” below.

Thank you!

I am thankful I live in a beautiful town. I am also thankful I'm not a turkey.

I am thankful I live in a beautiful town. I am also thankful I’m not a turkey.

21 responses to “Giving Thanks

  1. Danny,
    Thank you for All you do!!
    For Loving and Caring for Our Town through your words, to Nurturing and Counseling
    Our Youth through your Coaching.
    It is through you that we Westporters stay in touch with Our Home Town.
    Thank you!!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours and of course to Our Home Town, Westport, CT!!
    Oh!! Almost forgot!! GO WRECKERS!!! Beat Greenwich!!!

    Tom Wall

  2. Thanks to you, Dan, for keeping us informed, for your wonderful sense of humor and for the community you’ve nurtured both in print and on the web. Even though I live right across the line in Fairfield, I’m still a Westporter at heart and you reinforce that feeling.

    And have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  3. I am thankful for 06880 that keeps me informed wherever I am in the world; for our beautiful beaches with amazing sunsets and Sunday evening dinners at Compo; for our fabulous Library; and most of all for my wonderful neighbors and friends. Happy Thsnksgiving!

  4. Jill Nash von Schmidt

    Thanks to you, Dan for your diligence to 06880 and your ability to manage it and keep it going. It’s really nice for those of us that no longer live in Westport to keep up on what’s going on in town. I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving and that you & yours have much to be thankful for.

  5. I am grateful that I live in Westport and have a resource like 06880 to read each day. I am grateful to know you Dan. You share my positive feelings about Westport’s teenagers. You and I know know that teenagers are prone to make mistakes, but those mistakes are not what adults should focus upon when they occur. Staples’ teens make far more good decisions on a daily basis than bad ones. They work harder at everything (academics, sports, volunteerism) than anyone I knew when I was a teen. The preponderance of them are warm, caring, supportive, and accepting young people. That, of course, comes from parents who share their values with their children, from all of the local houses of worship, and from our extraordinary public school system full of outstanding teachers and administrators. This has been another terrific year for me. I hope for another twenty or so more.

  6. Thank you for your honest, funny, passion about Westport and all it’s foibles Sue B

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  7. I’m thankful that my parents chose Westport when we moved out of the city over 50 years ago and that I got to spend the second part of my childhood here. There were opportunities and new paths open that probably wouldn’t have happened if my mom and dad had picked another community.

    As part of that, I’m also thankful for the friendships, such as the one with Dan, made here decades ago and that remain to this day.

    And, finally, many thanks to Jack Finn and other local teachers and coaches like him who over the decades have embraced giving kids the chance to blossom.

  8. Giving Thanks. I have a lot to be thankful for-my wonderful family-my health-my friends and our freedom. And giving thanks to Westport-we might sometimes disagree-but we care.

    And I wanted to send my thanks to you Dan and 06880 which is gift to all of Westport. I give thanks Dan, for your desire and efforts to give us all a perspective of Westport and the lives and happenings inside.

    Happy Thanksgiving Westport. Wishing you and your families a happy healthy and safe Thansgiving.

  9. don l bergmann

    See how easy it is to get someone to thank you, all you have to do is thank them. While not above family, health and those kinds of things, Dan Woog is part of my Thanksgiving list of things for which I am grateful. Don Bergmann

  10. And thank you for not just today’s reminder about where we are and how fortunate we are to be here, but for your daily postings written with kindness and fairness and humor (when that is applicable). BTW, have not seen any turkeys in town for quite a while; is the included photo “local”? Tina Gangi

  11. I’m thankful that I live in such a beautiful town with so much public shore/beach access that people in most of the country can only imagine or visit a week or so, while on a vacation.

  12. Michael Calise

    Best to you Dan and all that you do!

  13. sandra johnson

    Thank you, Dan, for your wonderful words all the time!! You make my day plus reading everyone else’s comments!! I wish all in Westport a Very Happy Thanksgiving, as I celebrate my first one (after 35 yrs in WP) in New Orleans – my new home , but WP will always be in my heart!!!

  14. Dan. with everything else going on in the world right now I am truly grateful for what YOU do to keep this wonderful community “wired” together. Humor, irony, and a depth of respect for all the people you touch with your prose (well maybe NOT those entitled parking violators ) is a gift to us all. Have a great Thanksgiving.

  15. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    So thankful to have spent my “salad days” in such a unique and beautiful place as Westport, for the life-long friendships forged, the opportunities given… for a reason to celebrate two Thanksgivings each year!

  16. Thanks, pal, for keeping us long-gone ex-Weston/Westporter-ex pats connected to home. Although I know few of your reader/friends,and fewer of your leaders (and stores) I feel like every column is a trip home.

  17. Michele Smolen

    I am THANKFUL Dan that you keep me a WESTPORTER.
    Michele Smolen

  18. Nancy Powers Conklin

    I am thankful that I had a great childhood growing up in Westport. I am thankful that both of my parents grew up in Westport and decided to stay to raise my sister and I. Looking back on my years in Westport, I made many friends, have wonderful memories and I am also thankful that I am able to get back there quite a bit. My memories will always be within me, no matter how Westport changes. Thank you, Dan for keeping us in touch with the
    World of Westport.

  19. Brilliant concert happening on Sat. Dec. 5

  20. I second everything Gary Singer posted. My sentiments to a “tee”.

    • Nice note, Susan, hope your holidays will all be peaceful, healthy and rewarding in all the right ways.