Turkeys Of The Week

Slowly — v-e-r-y slowly — the Minuteman folks are doing what they promised weeks ago: reclaiming uncollected newspapers from driveways, and dropping uninterested “subscribers” from the rolls.

But they’re not the only profligate plastic-and-paper scourges in town.

Alert “06880” reader Susan Iseman spotted this sight today, near her North Compo Road home:

North Compo inserts

Downtown, she saw they’d been strewn everywhere. Inside were flyers, advertising Turkey Day sales:

North Compo inserts - 2

It’s bad enough that marketing gurus have decided stores should open on Thanksgiving Day.

Now they’re forcing themselves on us the day before, too.


4 responses to “Turkeys Of The Week

  1. I believe this is a matter best taken-up with the Post Master. Box boxes are intended for an addressee, (when postage has been paid) inserted by a “Letter Carrier”, formerly known is a Postal worker.

    • Alan, these were not in the mailboxes (at least not in mine.) They were dropped in front of our houses- in our case they drove onto our private road off of No Compo and left in front of our homes. Some may have been in mailboxes.

  2. We have spent the last 5 years getting the CT Post to CEASE delivery of thier Sunday paper, a freebie because we subscribe to The Westport News. Seriously, I have had several email exchanges with their circulation manager, the deliveries stop for a while but then miraculously restart. It is in my mind a safety hazard as we travel alot and three papers in the driveway over a few weeks is an advertisement that no-one is home. The Wall Street Journal and New York Times we can put on vacation alert and have their delivery stopped. Not the freebie CT Post it is unstoppable.

  3. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    Turkeys make lousy flyers.
    Ignore… At least until next week!