Gimme An “S”…!

Staples High School athletic uniforms get plenty of use. Typically, a varsity team wears a set for 3 years. They’re handed down for 3 more to the junior varsity, then maybe the freshmen. Finally, they may be tossed out.

Sometimes, a coach or parent finds a good use for them.

Or else a Staples custodian does.

Elsie Calderon has worked at the high school for many years. A native of Costa Rica, she’s a big soccer fan. Her son Jose played the sport at Norwalk’s Brien McMahon High.

Every year, Elsie collects used sports equipment, from various sources. She cleans it, packs it up, and sends it to family and friends back home.

The Staples High School boys soccer team was happy to contribute old home and away jerseys. They’re now worn proudly by youth teams in Central America.

And — in a stroke of luck — the name of the town Elsie is from begins with “S.”

So the letter on the front fits perfectly.

One set of uniforms...

One set of jerseys…

...and the other.

…and the other.



5 responses to “Gimme An “S”…!

  1. Thank you, Elsie, for your good work. Great story, Dan.
    Mary Condon, Southport

  2. Thank you for this story! Do you have any information on where/when Elsie collects the used uniforms? I have a lot of girls’ Westport Soccer clothing that I would LOVE to pass on, rather than just throw away. Any follow up information would be appreciated!

  3. Great story, Dan! Good thinking, Elsie!

  4. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    Excellent! Don’t forget about running shoes, soccer cleats, football cleats, baseball cleats, hockey skates, gloves, pads… all equipment needed for all sports for all kids around the world.

    p.s. even cheerleading uniforms!