Day After Thanksgiving Is Stuffed With Love

As little girls, Layla and Maya Wofsy spent their birthdays at Build A Bear. They created stuffed gifts to give to children who needed them more than they did.

Taking cues from their kids, in 2007 Westporters Hallie and Scott Wofsy created Stuffed With Love. The charity event provides an environment where children can create stuffed animals, to be donated to needy youngsters.

Three years later the Wofsy family expanded the idea, forming the Kidz Give Back Foundation.

This area remains a focal point of SWL’s efforts. The day after Thanksgiving every year Kidz Give Back sponsors a Stuffed With Love event, at Weston’s Norfield Grange. Hundreds of children stuff, dress and prepare gifts for others in hospitals or financial distress.

The messy but happy aftermath of a Stuffed With Love event.

The messy but happy aftermath of a Stuffed With Love event.

But as important as the gift of giving is, many children and communities lack the financial resources to host their own Stuffed With Love events.

Fortunately, Kidz Give Back received a Fanny and Svante Kilstrom Foundation grant. That gives 400 children in Bridgeport the chance to create stuffed animal gifts to give to children in need in their own communities. The circle of care ripples outward.

The Wofsys invite all area children — and families — to join their efforts. To join, host or donate to a Stuffed With Love event, click here.


4 responses to “Day After Thanksgiving Is Stuffed With Love

  1. I applaud the intention. Charity and bringing the community together to do something good for others is something we should all do. That said, I think getting together to make stuffed animals is a little shallow and quite honestly, a little absurd. What less fortunate kids really need is food, clothes, an education, a warm bed, furniture, attention, and a safe place to live, to name only a few. Why would we/you spend our time making stuffed animals when what these kids really need is all of these other things? If you really want to make a difference, donate your time to some of these kids and/or the things they really need.

    • My, didn’t you turn out to be a Grinch! These kids are doing what they can with an open heart. If you knew anything about babies and little children, you’d know that what they “need” more than anything else is love. The gifts show that they are loved, and the snuggly animals reinforce it throughout the year. Just look at how many photos you’ve seen of children holding on to their stuffed animals. And the kids making them might not be able to provide anything else, but they’re giving what they can.

  2. What the Wofsy’s have done is remarkable, they have contributed a significant amount of time, effort, and money in order to brighten the day of children. Westport is lucky to have people of such character. Their leadership and selfless efforts are to be applauded. I know the Stuffed with Love event will be successful this year and for many in the future.