Welcome To Staples!

Staples High School in fall - entryway

7 responses to “Welcome To Staples!

  1. sandra johnson

    WOW, what a beautiful picture!!! Now that I’m living in New Orleans, I am missing the lovely fall colors. However, I’m sure that in winter I will be very happy not to be in Westport!!!! Spring is always pretty up north also, oh well, I can look at the pictures and be happy here in the warmth!!!

  2. Jill von Schmidt

    So pretty — thanks for posting, Dan. Fall foliage is one thing I miss about not living in Westport anymore.

  3. Sublime! I so miss Fall in New England. Snow is falling in the Rocky Mountains and inching closer and closer to Denver.

  4. I noticed that tree just a short while ago when driving past Staples and wished that someone would photograph it and post the picture for everyone to see. Thank you! Simply breathtaking. That bright orange color reflected in the sun isspectacular. Jane Sherman

  5. Sugar Maple= great fall color

  6. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    Looks like shoots at the top, perhaps from a past topping?
    When was this beauty planted?