Tony Fama’s Compo

For most of us in late October, Compo Beach is just a memory.

We occasionally swing by, just to say hi. But unless we live near the shore, an afternoon is no day at the beach.

What a shame.

The other day, alert “06880” reader Susan Holden took Tony Fama — visiting from Boston — to Compo. He’s a photographer, so of course he brought his camera.

Here’s what he saw:

Compo Beach - Tony Fama 1

Compo Beach - Tony Fama 3

Compo Beach - Tony Fama 2

Click or hover over any photo to enlarge. (Photos/Tony Fama)

Tony appreciated those scenes as a visitor.

We’re so lucky. We can enjoy them any time we want.

3 responses to “Tony Fama’s Compo

  1. Beautiful photos.

  2. sandra johnson

    Beautiful photos!!!! I grew up in NJ on the ocean – which I loved and have great memories – lived in ST Louis -Mississippi OK but nothing like being at a beach! I enjoyed my 35 years in Westport with Compo beach nearby. i am now living in New Orleans – again with the Mississippi – sure do miss beach scenes like this!!!

  3. Holly Wheeler

    Beautiful photos. Thanks, Tony (and Susan)!