Woodman, Don’t Spare That Tree!

Westporters love our trees. Whenever one is chopped down — particularly at very visible places like Longshore and Town Hall — we howl in protest.

Many, of course, have outlived their usefulness. They look fine on the outside. But — like, FIFA — inside they are totally rotten.

Bob Weingarten spotted a great example of this the other day. For over 100 years, a tree stood at Hillandale Road and Morningside Drive South.

Once it was felled, however, we saw why:

Dead trees - Bob Weingarten

(Photos/Bob Weingarten)

(Photos/Bob Weingarten)

As for all those trees sacrificed for the sake of McMansions — well, those are different stories.

5 responses to “Woodman, Don’t Spare That Tree!

  1. Allison Fritz Feuer

    This is my house and no one was sadder to see this old tree go. Many an animal still had a home inside its hollow trunk. However, the town felt it was too dangerous to leave it standing. I promise to plant something to last another 100 years in its place!

  2. Jean Whitehead

    Have to say, even though we hate to see these trees disappear from the landscape,
    they become dangerous. We had a tragic situation here in Mass. when a rotten tree came down on a car and driver during a storm.
    Maybe it’s helpful to think about that while we are feeling wistful for what is lost….

  3. We just took down 4 trees, two of which had extreme rot and hung precariously over the roadway. We put back some October glory maples and feel a huge sense of relief. Hopefully they will make it 100 years or so!

  4. in the Compo area, the tree removal for the electric company has been far too much. Trees that were still healthy that had a few branches near the
    electric lines could have been pruned instead of destroyed.

  5. While safety is a concern in a populated space, a standing hollow tree in an isolated area can be a meaningful addition to the ecosystem. http://www.fs.fed.us/pnw/sciencef/scifi20.pdf