Off The Rails?

Alert “06880” reader JP Vellotti admires the large mural hanging inside TD Bank downtown. It’s filled with historic images of horses, buggies and a street car.

Trolley - TD bank mural

But, he says, on close inspection it seem like the trolley is off its track. (Click or hover over the photo to enlarge.)  That might explain the onlookers and crowd next to it, he says.

The caption for the photo does not give any details.

He adds: “Given the number of cars being driven into shops at several places around town recently, the timing seems right to investigate.”

One response to “Off The Rails?

  1. William Adler

    Perhaps it is off the tracks, and the casual way people are moving is just how relaxed people were in those days. “Oh, look, Jedediah, a wreck is happening… let’s walk slowly toward it.” Or maybe someone had already used one of the Dell computers in the foreground to alert the police. Seriously, it’s a cool image. The former TD bank location in Saugatuck had a painting of life along the Saugatuck River port in the 1800s and it showed part of the I-95 support structure. I always assumed this was a mistake but someone wrote in 06880 that the painting was deliberately playful.