Starbucks Solves Parking Problem!

Starbucks — the wildly popular coffee place near the diner, with the crazily limited parking lot — has come up with a creative solution to that problem.

They’re moving.

From here...

From here…

Word on the street Post Road has Starbucks moving a couple hundred yards east, to Arby’s. That’s the fast-food place next to Bank of America that no Westporter has ever set foot in.

Starbucks will gain more parking spaces. Plus a drive-through.

... to there.

… to there.

The good news: There will be no more parking issues at Starbucks.

The bad news:  This will be a serious blow to “06880.”

The good news:  There are plenty more places — and Westport drivers — to pick on.

29 responses to “Starbucks Solves Parking Problem!

  1. “that no Westporter has ever set foot in”, LOL.

  2. Starbuckers will think of something for you, Dan. I know that. mmm

  3. /Users/rozanne/Desktop/01 90 Pound Suburban Housewife Driving Her SUV.m4p
    You may happily remember a song from a few years back that does address this problem. BTW – Prill Boyle is the 90 Pound Suburban Housewife shown in the picture on the website,

  4. Uh oh, what will become of the location of former Crazy Vin’s?

  5. OMG….LMFAO…..Have you seen the Maserati parking? They’re all right up next to Arby’s in the transfer station driveway. Gonna be a hoot. Is moving to Starbucks?

  6. Linda Sharkey

    > On Oct 1, 2015, at 12:17 PM, 06880

    Another one for the books…spotted last night at CVS!

    > wrote: > > >

  7. Mary Ruggiero

    It’s gonna be a bank, with a drive thru nail salon!

  8. Donald Lowman

    Good news to hear that Starbucks finally solved the parking problem. For the record, I don’t mind admitting that I may have been the only Westporter who would go to that Arbys. I actually enjoyed the politically incorrect processed roast beef sandwiches, and the staff there were always pleasant and friendly, too. Guess I will be switching to less politically incorrect turkey bacon and egg white sandwiches; and the iced tea will taste better, too.

  9. Nice piece, Dan.


  10. You didn’t mention that this used to be the location of Carrol’s Hamburgers. Years before there ever was a nearby McDonalds, Carrol’s introduced we 1960s Westport kids to the joys of gray “beef” patties oozing an unappetizing water-oil mix, with the only recognizable taste being that pickle hydraulically-pressed into the bun along with a dollop of mustard.

    While the Carrolls brand went away decades ago, the company lives on as the largest Burger King franchise owner in the US

  11. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    No more Starbucks bad parking stories/photos? I’m terribly, terribly disappointed!

    Good luck with “Starbucks Evenings”… had never heard about it before.
    Then again, I haven’t ventured into a Starbucks since a “Grande” became a “regular”. Plus, after once sampling a Starbucks morning muffin, I’d be skeptical about an evening “appetizer” (no sous-chefs to be seen, apparently).

  12. Gil Ghitelman

    I too ventured into Arby’s once and had a gray colored roast beef sandwich.
    I was then only customer in the joint and quickly understood why there were never more than two cars in their parking lot. The second mistake I made was telling my health-hip son about my transgression. He doesn’t remind of it anymore, thankfully.

  13. Elaine Marino

    I haven’t been to Arby’s before, but I assume that the drive-through ordering kiosk and serving window are behind the building?

    I hope we never have the same problem that a Starbucks in Cleveland has experienced:

  14. What’s worse is that it means traffic in the morning MUST cross the Post Road rather than turn right into SBs (left in and left out coming from the east). There’s going to be a lot more damaged sheet metal there.

    • You’re right about that. One of the things that keeps traffic moving on the Post Road in the morning is the general lack of left turners. When someone slows/stops to turn into Stop & Shop or random other places, it really slows things down. You can almost feel the frustration/anger from drivers stuck in the left lane behind a turner (or behind the person in the left lane doing 30) with a significant increase in cutting and weaving. Increased left turn flow from a Starbucks drivethrough is only going to make that worse.

      I would imagine there is a good chance the Greens Farms Road/Clapboard Hill alternative route will start to become more attractive.

      • Nancy Hunter Wilson

        Add turning lanes.

        • jerrymacdaid

          Interesting. You’re one the last people I’d have thought would advocate widening the Post Road. In particular, taking down trees and paving over grassed areas to create extra lanes. Unlikely to get much support from Westporters though.

          • Nancy Hunter Wilson

            Jerry, turning lanes are narrow and short, and help de-congest commercial thoroughfares, which is what the Post Road is.

            • Jerry MacDaid

              I’m with you about the Post Road being a commercial thoroughfare, however some might disagree with your characterization of the charming Post Road through bucolic Westport. As has been noted in other posts, there is a strong aversion to turning the Post Road into Rt 1 in New Jersey.

              As for feasibility, you can pull up the location on Google Maps. You will notice that there is no real room on the existing roadway to squeeze in another lane, narrow or otherwise. Since the location it isn’t at an intersection, in order to not create a dangersous kink in the travel lanes, an extended turn lane would probably be needed. I doubt neighboring landowners would willingly give up part of their property just for the benefit of Starbucks so that sounds like an extended center turning lane for the benefit of all courtesy of eminent domain. Sort of like New Jersey. Which is unlikely to happen.

      • Should be interesting watching all of the Starbuck’s customers stacked up in the parking lot of Arby’s trying to make a left hand turn on to the Post Road in the morning rush hours with no traffic light. Between the traffic accidents, the road rage and congestion it should be a complete circus. Elaine Marino had it right with one exception this article only talks about the line getting into Starbuck’s and does not factor in it is virtually impossible to make a left turn out of Arby’s certain times of the day.

  15. Damn….I always thought that spot was Carrol’s. Another fast food place I never set foot in!

    • I thought Carrol’s was on Post Road driving towards Norwalk? . I seemed to remember always driving towards Norwalk to get to Carrol’s and that it was on the Norwalk/Westport line? I always loved Carrol’s fries. My memory must be faulty then. Will miss the parking stories though. Dan will have to source another parking cluster…..for our amusement.

      • There were 2 Carrol’ses. One was at the current Arby’s (previously, Burger King); the other was in Norwalk. There were several others throughout Fairfield County, and probably Connecticut.

  16. Brett Aronow

    I know of at least one non-Westporter that will be disappointed to hear that the Arby’s will be closing.

  17. Joyce Barnhart

    The left turns from the westbound lanes of the Post Road will be bad enough, but there will many, many exciting happenings when drivers exit, making another left, but this time into traffic, most likely with hot coffee in one hand, cell phone in the other. On a slow news day, someone with a camera will be able to keep Ch. 12 viewers and Dan’s readers entertained.

  18. Anne Pfeiffer

    Arby’s has the best Ruben sandwiches. Made fresh and hot. It will be a loss to me. Also their chicken sandwiches. Most everything they sell

  19. We actually go to Arby’s though suspect we may be some of the few. Funny enough we also have to navigate the Starbucks parking/intersection imbroglio to get there. Driving thru to get the always tasty Crispy Chicken (with bacon added as well of course) sandwich yesterday they claimed they aren’t going anywhere. There are lovely people who work there.