Stephen Wilkes’ Blood Moon

Stephen Wilkes has a thing for Compo Beach.

And National Geographic has a thing for Stephen Wilkes.

In June, the magazine’s very popular Instagram feed featured the talented Westport photographer’s shot of some amazing clouds — framed by a lifeguard stand — after a storm.

In a matter of hours, it gained hundreds of thousands of likes — and admiring comments in dozens of languages.

Yesterday, the Natgeo Instagram feed included Wilkes’ lovely shot of Sunday night’s fantastic eclipse.

Copyright/Stephen Wilkes

Copyright/Stephen Wilkes

Wilkes wrote:

A view we won’t have again until 2033. In many parts of the US, clouds obstructed this incredible phenomenon. In my case, I drove a few miles from my home to a local beach and was very excited to find a clear sky, allowing me to take an unobstructed photo of the #bloodmooneclipse.

Once again, “06880” is where Westport meets the world — as well as the moon, the sky and the stars.

(Hat tip: Kathie Motes Bennewitz)

5 responses to “Stephen Wilkes’ Blood Moon

  1. Wow – this should have been on the Today show this ornig!

  2. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    Here on the (not so wet) West coast, we’ve enjoyed a number of super bright starry, moon-lit nights, bright enough to see both Venus and the aliens on Mars. Van Gogh would be inspired!

  3. Unfortunately I missed it and was terribly disappointed. It is a grand photo though!

  4. That is a fantastic image!

  5. Moontastic!