Former Staples Teachers Are Definitely Not The Retiring Types

Over 200 years of teaching experience was on display the other day, at the Newtown Country Club.

A group of educators gathered for the 1st annual Staples Retired Teachers Golf Classic — and what a classic it was.

Retired Staples teachers

In the photo above are, from left: Bruce McFadden (science), Ed Bludnicki (science, administration, adult education), Pete Van Hagen (science), Tommy Owen (special education), Jim Wheeler (art), Jeff Lea (world language), Bill Walsh (math — and not retired), Bill Brookes (science).

No word on who won. But Wheeler proudly displays his award, for “most uncooperative balls.”

See what happens when these guys leave the classroom?

13 responses to “Former Staples Teachers Are Definitely Not The Retiring Types

  1. Vivianne Pommier

    Sending them all my best, and glad they are enjoying themselves.


  2. Mr. Bludnicki was my science teacher at Bedford Jr.High back in the early 60’s. Great to see everyone so vibrant!

  3. Love it!!!

  4. Such a handsome group!

  5. Robin Greenhut Markus

    This is so nice to see. I remember many of these teachers from “back in the day (80’s)”! Please send my warm regards to them from the Greenhut family!

  6. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    Mr. Lea was kind to help translate a French passage for me, as I was taking German at the time and read “peu de francais”!
    Teachers who stay after school hours for students, or for coaching, are the true professionals, the ones we remember.

  7. Carissa Simon Baker

    I remember the three science teachers when we were at Coleytown Jr. High. Great times, great teachers!

  8. Keep on playing! You all look terrific and bring back great memories.
    Tom and Eve Green

  9. I love Jim Wheeler’s award. Jim, please meet Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. Your balls will be more cooperative after the Pats are done with them. It’d benefit you to stop over in Foxboro, Mass., on your way to the 2nd Annual Staples Retired Teachers Golf Classic.

    • Thank you for that. I will see what I can do.i’m not sure what they would have to offer tho, that didn’t involve cheating.