Deacon Dave At The Papal Mass

Westport’s own David Clarke of Assumption Church was among the deacons chosen to give communion today at Pope Francis’ Madison Square Garden mass.

He not only had a prominent role — but check out the photo below. There’s a star right above his head!

Deacon Dave Clarke, front and center.

Deacon Dave Clarke, front and center.

In other papal Assumption news, Father Tom Thorne — the Riverside Avenue church pastor — was invited to the White House lawn, for this week’s welcome-to-America reception.

In a town like Westport, there must be many other Francis-related stories. If you’ve got one, click “Comments” to share.

(Hat tip: Nancy Axthelm)

5 responses to “Deacon Dave At The Papal Mass

  1. The Anglican church in my town is named St. Francis, a small, beautiful place in the wood, overlooking the sea.
    Jorge Bergoglio chose a fitting, all inclusive, name.

  2. I’ve been a member of Assumption Church for 15 years. Wonderful parish and wonderful clergy. Not surprised that our clergy played a role in the Pope’s visit. This Pope is truly amazing. He is such a wonderful messenger and so inspiring. One can’t help but be uplifted by his message.

    • We, too, saw Deacon Dave distributing Holy Communion at the Papal Mass at MSG yesterday. Our son, Mikey, exclaimed, “Deacon Dave! There’s Deacon Dave!” We paused the TV, rewound and recorded it as a momento…

      My husband, Jose, is currently in Colombia. He had been invited by two different production coordinators to appear in Papal events which took place yesterday. One was in connection with the Holy Father’s visit with the Families in Harlem and the second was to participate in the pre-Mass musical program at the Garden.

      It was quite a sacrifice to shake-off the disappointment of having to decline, but he told me late last nite that his performance at the Barranquilla Jazz Festival, which had been booked back in January, was completely over-the-top amazing. A great audience and a good show was his compensation for having had to “just say, ‘no…'” to the Papal Invitations in New York. I told him it was his little consolation prize from God.

  3. Francine Radford

    Church of the Assumption was my parish growing up in Westport in the 60s. Really happy to hear about this connection.

  4. Nanette Buziak Lexow

    Sister Maureen Fleming from St. Luke Church in Westport also was invited to the Thursday morning Joint Session of Congress where the Pope gave his speech. She was so excited to have been invited that she took the 1:05AM Acela from Stamford as that was the only way to get there.