7 “No Parking” Signs. 3 Cars. Just Another Entitled Day At Starbucks.

(Photo/Chris Grimm)

(Photo/Chris Grimm)

32 responses to “7 “No Parking” Signs. 3 Cars. Just Another Entitled Day At Starbucks.

  1. Ellen Wentworth

    Coffee causes misjudgment

  2. Are people really that desperate? Do they not know that they can get Starbucks coffee at Barnes & Noble cafe, where there’s plenty of parking? Or better yet, there are three nearby Dunkin’ Donuts where the coffee is WAY cheaper and parking is always abundant! Yeesh. Why don’t the rules of the road apply to ALL???

    • But DD coffee is unpalatable.

      • Far better than Sttarbuckss, which is always dark and bitter. I’ve tried them all, and found the best coffee at 1. Dunking Donutys, and ‘2. McDonalds ( believe it or not).

        • Adam Schwartz '75

          I second McDonald’s. Unfortunately, Dunkin Donuts is just making it’s way to the left coast. I believe they built the first one in the past few months somewhere in SoCal.

          For those of you who own Keurig machines, try “Kenyan AA”. It’s only sold online but you’ll never want anything else after trying it….

          • Nancy Hunter Wilson

            Not sure Keurig cups recycle well.

            • Adam Schwartz '75

              I agree. Keurig needs to come up with a non plastic K-cup that doesn’t last 50,000 years in the ground.

          • I am in Jakarta right now, and would you believe — there’s a Dunkin’ Donuts in the middle of the city! Personally, I prefer their coffee to any other, but I’m curious as to what Java Java tastes like.

    • Or Stop & Shop

  3. Love the social code enforcement! Maybe that Sbucks needs a drive through like the one on Route 7 Norwalk area.

  4. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    The golden rule?

  5. I go to the Starbucks near Main St, across from South Moon Under. So I park off Jesup Rd., legally, lots of two hour spaces.

  6. Westport is small enough that someone should create a website that you, Dan, promotes and every time someone posts or sends you one of these pictures it gets posted on the web site. Then maybe after some of these people start hearing comments from friends and/or co-workers about their vehicles being seen on this site, they start getting the point and dummy up. I see no other way. I would wait until they come back to the car and take the picture then for the website.

    • Nancy Hunter Wilson

      Posting a photo of the culprit? That really throws the golden rule out the iPhone lens.

      It is surprising that Westport continues to advertise itself to the world this way.

      • Adam Schwartz '75

        Nancy, The Golden Rule? Are you kidding me?!? Dan posts pictures of this nature all the time. If “I” was an ^&%%$&^% like these inconsiderate people, I would think posting a picture on a website to expose me would be the least of my issues! It appears you are sympathetic for these poor people who drive their $100,000 vehicles and park wherever they please. I mean, these are good people. I see your point…

        • Nancy Hunter Wilson

          Adam, my comment was dripping in sarcasm. Sadly.

          I, too, am tired with these deja vu – all over again – posts, and wish people could have a little respect for each other.
          (p.s. R.I.P. Lawrence “Yogi” Berra)

          • Adam Schwartz '75

            Sorry! Ditto on Yogi. I met him twice. He was so nice, it was like talking to someone I knew for years!

  7. “I’ll only be a minute!”

  8. I am going to take the other side-of this literally even though I am usually a stickler for parking (and no -those are not my cars). There is not enough parking at that Starbucks-“Entitled” parking to me is when one takes 2 (or more) spaces, or illegally parks when there are legal alternatives. There is not sufficient parking in that lot,
    The Barnes & Nobles is not a “real” Starbucks-it is a licensee of the name and inferior. The downtown one is far-and is not clean (look at the container where the sugar is). The coffee at DD is watered down….Those cars are really not blocking anyone-the traffic can still move in both directions-not sure why the signs are there…they need more parking!!! Or maybe neighbor Patio.com which has ample parking could be nicer…

  9. Dan, we will need a new sport to follow when Starbucks moves across the street soon to 1000 post road east where a drive up is available. What do you suggest? We will always have Parker Harding!

  10. ah, yes, the entitled of Westport!!!!!!

  11. All I can say is I really miss the old Westport. I’ve lived here for over 40 years and can’t stand the way the charm of this town is being destroyed.
    The sense of entitlement of so many, new people is eroding a kinder and friendlier Westport of years ago. Ugh

  12. I love to hate the “entitled” more than anyone! But I’d like to point our that the real problem with that Starbucks is the lack of parking spaces to match the needs of that kind of establishment. This points to rigid and outdated zoning regulations that specify a fixed # of spaces per 1000SF but do not reflect the different traffic patterns of, say, a coffee shop, vs. a clothing store. A better regulation would require a merchant to obtain sufficient overflow parking (e.g. by negotiation with adjacent landlords) when their lots are routinely overfull.

    • What Peter said. SBX was less of a $#!+ show when people could park across the street during the morning rush. Although things have calmed down some, Shake Shack is another place that it was obvious, from the start, that there was never going to be enough parking.

  13. Per Mary, I didn’t know that Starbucks was taking over the Arby’s space. (Formerly Carrolls Hamburgers for Westport old-timers!) That’s good news. BTW this is not the only Starbucks with bad parking; the Fairfield stores on Post Rd/Mill Plain and Black Rock Tpke both have abysmally-small lots…but you can park in adjacent ones. I gather that even that great genius of retailing, Howard Schultz, doesn’t know from parking.

  14. Since when is “not enough parking spots” an excuse for ignoring the “no parking” signs?

  15. Lauren de Bruijn

    The BEST coffee in town is BONJO down at the train station…and the service couldn’t be friendlier – the servers will greet you by name!!!