Life Comes Next

On Monday, John Hancock launched a new ad campaign. “Life Comes Next” 2.0 is an extension of the original. Launched last fall, it outperformed its business goals — and won awards.

The new version is compelling. There are 7 basic vignettes. Each begins with a life situation: an elevator ride, meeting, cell call, etc. Each of those videos has 3 different endings.

They’re beautifully written and acted, with actual drama and story arcs. (No surprise: Each demonstrates a need for prudent financial planning — with, of course, John Hancock.)

John Hancock

A screen grab of the “Life Comes Next” ad campaign.

But that’s not why “Life Comes Next” is “06880”-worthy.

As part of his job with Hancock (VP, brand, marketing and creative services), Jim Bacharach — Staples Class of 1972 — is responsible for ad campaigns.

The writer behind the very creative scripts is former Westporter Scott Noble. He works for Hill Holliday in Boston.

The sound mixer — who did a fantastic job — is Michael Lonsdale. He’s lived in Westport for years.

But even that is not why this story rates a mention here.

Jim Bacharach

Jim Bacharach

Turns out Scott grew up on Tanglewood Lane — just down the street from Stony Brook, where Jim grew up. And Michael lives on East Meadow Lane, just across Old Hill Road from Jim.

Oh, yeah. One more thing. Michael is married to Debbie Roshkind.

She graduated from Staples. In 1972 — making her a classmate of Jim’s.

(To see the “Life Comes Next” ad campaign, click here.)



3 responses to “Life Comes Next

  1. And Jim’s sister was one of Scott’s teachers at the Saugatuck Congregational Church’s nursery school…

  2. Another interesting example of six degrees of (Westport) separation. I know that Jimmy Bach–as he was known back in the day (thanks to the Martha and the Vandellas hit)–has worked on a variety of interesting campaigns over the years and I can still remember when he worked on a commercial shoot with Thurman Munson roughly 40 years ago, so he has considerable experience and expertise. Good stuff!

  3. Very nice to see such success for Jimmy Bach! One of the kindest people in my memory at Staples High School. The entire Bacharach family has always been incredibly generous with their commitment to Westport and community service- through the Bacharach Community homes (emergency shelters) and in many other ways. The James S. Bacharach award is named for Jim’s father and is given annually to Staples seniors by the Youth Commission for meaningful volunteerism in the community. Very proud that our daughter was one of the recipients of the award from this special Westport family and coming full circle, the award was given to her by Dan Woog at a Staples HS ceremony!