Putting The “Class” In 2016

It’s a tradition at Staples High School for senior girls to start the year by painting their cars.

They try to include their graduating year, along with slogans. The results range from funny to meh, proud to X-rated.

But this year saw something new: An homage to a former principal.

John Dodig retired last June. But — as this photo sent to “06880” by Lily Bloomingdale shows — he is certainly not forgotten.

John Dodig - 2016

A very classy move indeed!

6 responses to “Putting The “Class” In 2016

  1. Cute. Not many kids in my class had their own cars. We took the bus, or walked, and walked… How much does a parking space cost at Staples?

  2. Armelle Daniels

    Not forgotten indeed, and missed.

  3. J Dodig really left a positive mark on SHS! The 2016 slogan in go b16 or go home!