You Can’t Get There From Here

Elm Street was partially closed today, as part of the ongoing Bedford Square construction project.

Traffic was detoured into the Christ & Holy Trinity Church parking lot.

Elm Street

That made sense — except the only way out of there is Elm Street.

There’s an entrance to the lot on Myrtle Avenue. But it’s clearly marked one-way. You can’t use it to exit the lot.

So perplexed — and none-too-happy — drivers circled through the parking lot, exited back to the open section of Elm Street, and turned onto Main Street.

The same way they’d come.

3 responses to “You Can’t Get There From Here

  1. Mark Mathias

    I had that happen to me today. Once I was in the parking lot, there were no signs giving further directions. Seems like a sign up on Main Street saying “No Outlet” or “Street Closed” would be clearer and might prevent people from going down the street in the first place. Hopefully the street closure won’t be for too long.

  2. Been closed off and on for days, bordering on two weeks. And it’ll probably go on for a good while more.

  3. Nancy W Hunter

    Well, smiling and laughing raises endorphins, so this story should make many people feel happy and at ease for a very long time.

    “Don’t sweat the small stuff, ’cause its all small”. Especially in light of recent events, both nationally and worldwide.

    p.s. maybe only a mouse could get out of the Elm street maze!