Westport Helps Waltersville’s Garden Grow

Westport has a long history with Waltersville School. For years, Staples High School world language students have volunteered at the K-8 facility across the street from the former Father Panik Village in Bridgeport.

Now another group has stepped up. Last spring, the school wanted to transform a barren courtyard into something more inviting. They asked the Westport Garden Club to help.

The low-key — but very committed — 90-year-old organization said “of course!” The result: 4 beautiful perennial gardens.

The Westport Garden Club was joined by Pivot Ministries, a Waltersville neighbor. Labor, design and plants were all donated.

Westporters and Bridgeporters work together at the Waltersville School.

Westporters and Bridgeporters work together at the Waltersville School.

Yesterday’s ribbon-cutting yesterday was a festive affair. School staff, Garden Club members and Pivot Ministries helpers joined together to celebrate.

The opening of Waltersville School this year will be very joyful indeed.

4 responses to “Westport Helps Waltersville’s Garden Grow

  1. Holly Wheeler

    Another lovely story, Dan. Thanks to Waltersville School for asking, to the Westport Garden Club for responding, and to all those who volunteered!

  2. Sharon Paulsen

    This is a great feel-good post!

  3. Sandy Wander Winnick

    Love in action!

  4. Thanks to the amazing Ellen Greenberg and her boundless energy for volunteering, creating, caring, and nurturing. She really did a fantastic job working on this project and encouraging others to participate.