Sticking With Poetry

Some folks wander around Westport, waxing poetic about their surroundings.

If you’re on Sturges Highway, you’ll find poetry — literally.

Mark Yurkiw and Wendy Van Vie walk their dogs every day. Around the corner from their house, there’s “poetry on a stick.”

Poetry 1

Anyone is welcome to enjoy the offerings, which change regularly.

Poetry 2

Robert Frost took the road less traveled.

If you’ve got a choice in Westport, try Sturges Highway.

3 responses to “Sticking With Poetry

  1. I just wasted part of my life reading that piece of poetry!

  2. That by no way insinuates a dislike for the Poetry stick! I think it’s a brilliant idea. Not so wild about the poem.

  3. Lovely idea, as are book exchange stalls.