Saying Goodbye To Summer

Sure, there’s another weekend left in August — plus the “official” end of summer, Labor Day.

But a week from today, the kids will already be back to school. Our minds will focus on many different things.

The days grow shorter. The nights are cooling down.

But before the sun set today, Compo Beach was packed. The sky was blue, the clouds almost comically puffy.

What a great way to spend what’s left of Summer 2015.

Compo Beach - Sunday August 23 2015


4 responses to “Saying Goodbye To Summer

  1. We all see the same clouds, sky, stars, from all points (of view!)

  2. I wish summer were forever.

  3. Bobbie Herman

    This is the time of the year I really hate the most. Summer’s ending, the days are getting shorter, the garden is dying and soon it will be cold and gloomy again. But it will be warm and sunny again in only nine months.