Golden Shadows Gets Trimmed

Westporters continue to debate the best use for Golden Shadows.

But no one can argue that the area in Baron’s South — once the handsome home of Baron Walter von Langendorff and his wife — looks a lot better today than it did yesterday.

This morning, historic preservationists Morley Boyd and Wendy Crowther organized a work party. They and Planning & Zoning Commission members Al Gratrix and Chip Stephens were joined by Mike Bernie, one of the baron’s original landscapers.

Golden Shadows is hidden from view, in the middle of the property. (Of course, the town owns Baron’s South, and it’s open from sunrise to sunset.)

But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take care of it. Nice to see some concerned Westporters lend a helping hand.

Golden Shadows cleanup 2

Morley Boyd and Wendy Crowther, hard at work.

Golden Shadows cleanup 1

Chip Stephens (left) and Al Gratrix get their hands dirty.

Golden Shadows cleanup 4

The still-impressive hillside near Golden Shadows, after trimming, raking and weeding.

Golden Shadows

Golden Shadows


8 responses to “Golden Shadows Gets Trimmed

  1. Nancy W Hunter

    Nice. There’s nothing better than a good community enhancement project to make one feel happy at the end of the day.

  2. don l bergmann

    Nancy is right. I wish I had known. Don Bergmann

    • Nancy W Hunter

      I wish I was there to help out, too! Communities everywhere rely on volunteers to help clean up valuable, important space (especially by helping to remove invasive species).
      Just by picking up the bits of garbage one finds on a walk, rather than being being angry about it, makes a person feel good.
      I still remember our Staples senior class taking the time to help clean up Compo! Someone needs to do it!

  3. Great job! Wish I knew about the work party! I would have pitched in!

  4. Its been almost 50 years since I left Westport but I still love the town. where pray tell is Barons South? I grew up in Covlee (near Saug. Shores) and find the articles about Cockonee Is. and the shore area fascinating. This was our playground. I remember watching the first shovel of swamp being dug as the Basin for Bermuda road was started. I try to get to Westport as often as possible.

    • Baron’s South is the parcel of land between South Compo and Imperial Avenue, stretching nearly to the Post Road. It’s across the Post Road from Winslow Park, which used to be called “the baron’s property” (aka “the sanitarium”). Does that help?

    • Really… those roads were hand built. They were not natural occurring. Land bridges/roads…Have you been back recently the houses that were built after those roads were built are now been demo’d for new housing. Some of them got flooded out so I don’t blame the homeowner for wanting to take it down. But some developers/artichects have strange taste in how a house should look…just my opinion. Some look great like they have always been there Beautiful Others…Well no not there best structure/design

  5. This was sort of a beta for Friends of Barons South; we’ll make an announcement next time. By the way, when Wendy and I were leaving Golden Shadows Wendy noticed that there was a car waaaay down in the woods. I guess it had gotten there via one of the walking paths. Concerned, we went to take a closer look. That’s when we noticed that it was bouncing up and down. Made me think of that episode of Seinfeld with the van in the forest. Thanks again to everyone who helped today.