Tyler Hicks Is Waaaay Beyond Amazing

Westport is deservedly proud of Tyler Hicks.

The 1988 Staples High School graduate has won a Pulitzer Prize, survived a kidnapping, shared Anthony Shahid’s final moments, lived around the corner from (and captured stark images of) the Nairobi shopping mall terror attack … you name it, Tyler has seen it. Or done it.

Now he’s run a marathon.

But this was no easy-peasy road race like New York or Boston. Tyler just completed his 1st-ever 26-miler: the Maasai Marathon in Kenya.

The bush of Kenya.

Tyler Hicks (#9) celebrating after the Maasai Marathon. (Photo courtesy of Darcy Hicks)

Tyler Hicks (#9) celebrates after the Maasai Marathon. (Photo courtesy of Darcy Hicks)

But wait! There’s more!

Tyler ran the raise as a fundraiser for the Amazing Maasai Girls Project.

There are simply no words.

4 responses to “Tyler Hicks Is Waaaay Beyond Amazing

  1. Nancy W Hunter

    Anyone would prefer to run a marathon on earth, surrounded by nature, than on hard city asphalt and breathing in smog.
    Did any women run this marathon?

  2. Sharon Paulsen

    Wow, I’m inspired by this.

    There are some human beings out there, like Tyler, that make me feel good about being a “human being” again!

    And just look at the smiles on the faces of his running mates! Priceless! (I feel all warm and snuggly inside, big time).

    Nancy, are we among the few who check blogs in August? LOL!
    The 06880 crowd must be off “summering” somewhere else, and hopefully just taking a break from the digital world.

    Thanks Dan! Love this!

    (BTW, good question about whether the women of Kenya did/could/would run a race like that. Not sure what the societal situation is in that region, but it would sure be nice to see some women and girls in that photo. One would likely take that for granted here in the U.S., for instance, in a Westport, CT fundraiser marathon event – for whatever the cause. That’s what human/women’s rights would afford us here – and, as a side, we better fight to keep it that way, in the good ‘ol US of A.).

    Political slant? Yup, for sure, because that’s what STILL seems to be “on the table” in the year 2015, unfortunately. I REPEAT, THE YEAR 2015! ugh.

    For fun, and for reference: just about a mere 100 years ago, around 1916, women had just begun to (try to) challenge the rules on what they were allowed to wear on the beach. Think … showing ankles without stockings on.
    Many were accosted and arrested for such indignities – my oh my.


    • Nancy W Hunter

      As Dan would say, You nailed it!
      Sharon, you have a remarkable way of sorting out the “stuff” here, opening up conversations without backlash. Thank you for that!

      And yes, I surely hope that there always are more runners in a marathon.

  3. Sharon Paulsen

    Thanks Nancy!