Red Barn Renovations?

The Red Barn closed earlier this month. A liquidation sale followed quickly.

Today, this was the scene at the longtime restaurant:

Red Barn

Things seem to be happening quickly on Wilton Road.

7 responses to “Red Barn Renovations?

  1. Virginia Tienken

    Probably taking out the oil tanks. Heard they have to do that.

  2. Mary Ruggiero

    If the Y purchased it they can possibly connect it up to their waste system. The Red had been having septic difficulties for years.

  3. If the Y is buying it, they better come up with a good reason for all the secrecy. After all this is a non-profit community service organization — not the CIA or a hedge fund. They have an obligation to tell the donors and members what they are doing with their money.

  4. Mary Schmerker

    Certain places are just iconic. I was born in Westport, more years ago than I care to admit on the internet. Life has transitioned me to other places but Westport is still home. Exiting the Merrit and seeing The Red Barn always signaled “HOME” as does Exiting The Connecticut Turnpike and crossing The Bridge Street Bridge. I hope the barn remains standing.

  5. Mark J. Marcus

    Why all the secrecy ?

  6. Maybe it is the Y taking ownership and MAYBE they are trying to do a few things under the radar that wouldn’t be allowed otherwise if they went through the proper channels ? That seems to be a prevalent practice whereby builders/developers do what they want knowing they might get caught later on but hope to just pay a fine, as life continues on…..
    why has the purchaser NOT been identified ? Some serious sleuthing is needed.

  7. Mary Schmerker, you echo my thoughts exactly…without giving away ages, my family moved to Westport in 1952…and the Red Barn was the scene of many dinner birthdays with my parents and siblings – along with Allen’s and Cobb’s Mill Inn. Too many changes – iconic Westport seems to have moved itself someplace else.