Oh My 06880 — Photo Challenge #30

Last week’s photo challenge was easy — if you were a Staples graduate.

A record 14 “06880” readers correctly identified Lynn U. Miller’s shot as the exterior of the high school auditorium wall. It’s tough to see now — after 2 major renovations — but it’s still visible, if you stand in the right spot.

Of the 14 correct responses, 13 are Staples grads. The one who isn’t works just a few steps away from the auditorium, as a school nurse.

Congratulations to John McCarthy — who was 1st, just 3 minutes after the post went live — and Fred Cantor, Fran Taylor, Jill Turner Odice, Diane Bosch, Rich Stein, Jacques Voris, Diane Silfen, Scott Brodie, Jonathan Maddock, Carissa Baker, Jack Whittle, Ralph Widmann and Susan Huppi. Click here to see the photo, and all comments.

This week’s photo challenge is tougher — whether you’re a Staples grad or not. So I’ll give you a hint: It’s outdoors.

If you think you know the location, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Lynn U. Miller)

(Photo/Lynn U. Miller)

28 responses to “Oh My 06880 — Photo Challenge #30

  1. Gate entrance at the Levitt?

  2. Kathy Calise

    Catholic Cemetary, Kings hwy

  3. I think it is a cementary too kings highway… Seems correct

  4. Cemetery at Greens Farms Congregational church

  5. Entrance to cemetery on Kings Highway North, opposite Old Hill Farms Road.

  6. Diane h silfen

    Kings highway n cemetery

    • Edward Bloch

      That’s my thought, too. But with no response from Dan I guess we’re wrong!

  7. Sorry – I was out enjoying the day. It is indeed the cemetery on North Kings Highway, opposite Old Hill Road (and the former parade Revolutionary War parade ground). The cemetery belongs to Christ & Holy Trinity (Episcopal) church — it’s not (as per Kathy Calise) a Catholic cemetery.

  8. Patricia Blaufuss

    Christ and Holy Trinity Church Cemetery – Kings Highway North

  9. Jacques Voris

    Well, I am a bit of a Johnny Come Lately on identifying the picture, so I will just add some information:
    1. The sign say “Christ and Holy Trinity”, an episcopal church, but part of the cemetery is “catholic”. The section near Edge Hill Road is the original Assumption church burying ground.

    2. If you are wondering why the cemetery for Christ and Holy Trinity Church is so far away from the church itself, the answer is……it isn’t. Or it wasn’t originally. Originally it was two churches, Christ Church and Holy Trinity Church. Christ Church was on the corner of Ludlow Road and Post Road, not really far from the cemetery. The two congregations merged in 1944.

    • Thanks, Jacques. I knew #2, but not #1!

    • Jacques – I’d love to sit and listen to you for a couple of hours; you have so much to share about our local history…my errands around town would never be the same. It’s all so cool and you know, we really appreciate that stuff, here in Banks Tavern! PLUS, it’s rubbed off: Melissa is the guest services manager at the Fairfield Museum and History Center Center…

      Love it.

      Jose and I send our regards. Be well…

      • David S.,Parnas,,M.D.

        Thank you, Susan.,as this becomes a political,issienImhopemyu and I, more spiritually inclined, will not delve into the “diriier”. Aspects…. David (Howlin’ Doc, your old friend and…. )

  10. Christine Barth

    The entrance to the cemetery near Old Hill Road.

  11. the photo is at the cemetery off if kings highway north.

  12. James weisz

    Arch over entrance to christ and holy trinity church cemetery on kings hwy north

  13. Jill Turner Odice

    Across the street from where I lived on Edgehill Ln 🙂

  14. John F. (J-period) Wandres

    Weird story about tis cemetery, or a burial there. My parents were members of C&HT church when we lived in Westport in the 1950s. My father,Charles T. Wandres, died in June 1954 and was buried in the cemetery across Wilton Road from the old, historic part. The graveside ceremony and burial site was right by the entry gate. The family planned to erect a stone in about a year — when we could afford it. But, the family moved away from Westport and I would not return until 1959 to finally settle up the “estate” my father left behind.I went to the cemetery…but could find no indication of my father’s burial place where I remembered it. After considerable “research” I discovered that a few days after the burial service his casket was disinterred, and moved to a back part of the cemetery. I never was able to find out where it was finally laid to rest.

    • This must have been very upsetting. Was there a reason why?

      • John F. (J-period) Wandres

        Hello, Killian — Probably because we never paid the cemetery bill. The Rev. Frederick L.C. Lorentzen was a charismatic but “slippery” pastor of the church. I recall a woman who would show up for Sunday services, bringing an empty quart-sized glass milk bottle, for a refill of “holy water.” Lorentzen merely went into the back kitchen and filled the bottle for her. Go figure!

  15. If you are a member of Christ and Holy Trinity that was a no brainer!

  16. Dan – This looks like the archway on the entrance to the Christ & Holy Trinity cemetery on Kings Highway North.

    LuAnn Giunta

  17. The headstones on the Episcopal side face north-south and on the Catholic side, they are east-west, though I am not sure why this is. I recognized that very familiar metal arch at first partial glimpse. Thanks, Lynn, for including an image I actually know!

  18. archway to cemetary on King’s Hwy/Old Hill Rd