It Doesn’t Get Better Than This

This summer’s weather is our reward for last winter.

A lazy, casual Friday set the scene for an equally gorgeous Saturday. Compo Beach was fairly empty this morning, but ready for a very active weekend.

Sunday may bring thunderstorms. Right now though, we’re taking it one glorious day at a time.

Compo 2 - July 2015

Compo 3 - July 2015

Compo - July 2015

Meanwhile, the Coast Guard paid a visit. Hopefully, it was just to enjoy the beauty and serenity of a perfect Friday in Westport.

Compo 4 Coast Guard - July 2015

2 responses to “It Doesn’t Get Better Than This

  1. Sally Palmer

    I was struck with how beautiful it was this morning. The light is beginning to change more noticeably…..strikes fear into my heart! Meanwhile, enjoy these gorgeous days.

  2. Jill Turner Odice

    How about a view from Chou Chou’s bench?