“06880” Party: Need A Ride? Share A Ride?

Several readers would love to come to Thursday night’s “06880” party. But they don’t have beach stickers. (And, as much as they like a good time, they’ve decided it’s not worth the daily parking fee. Can’t say I blame ’em.)

Uber would be a good alternative — except their cars probably don’t have stickers either.

Well, every problem has a solution.* Here’s ours:

  • If you need a ride, email me: dwoog@optonline.net. Tell me where you’re coming from (geographically, not metaphysically).
  • If you can offer a ride, email me: dwoog@optonline.net. Tell me your approximate pick-up range.

I’ll do my best to connect riders and drivers — privately, of course. No guarantees, but it’s just one more way in which “06880” is “where Westport meets the world.”

*Except in the US Congress.

Another way to get to the "06880" party.

Another way to get to the “06880” party.


13 responses to ““06880” Party: Need A Ride? Share A Ride?

  1. Even if this girl didn’t have that beautiful suitcase, I’d still give her a ride.

  2. Suzanne Raboy

    I’m not sure showing a pretty young girl hitchhiking is such a good idea.

  3. I love the, “…geographically, not metaphysically…” line, Dan.

  4. Deering Rose

    If you are being dropped off at compo the car does not need a beach sticker. Compo Beach will let you and the car into the party location to be dropped off. Sometimes they grab the drivers license just to ensure that driver leaves right away.

    I would assist with driving, but not able to make it Thurs.

  5. What is the daily bach sticker cost? anyone? can’t find it at the Park & Rec web site

  6. Bobbie Herman

    Hasve fun, everyone! I would be there, but I have a commitment at the P&Z meeting in Town Hall.


    A one day pass is $30 during the week and $50 on weekends and holidays.

  8. Christina, according to the website the daily fee is $30 weekdays, and $50 on weekends and holidays.

  9. Those prices seem quite reasonable.