They Said It Couldn’t Be Done!

Experts have long believed that Westport had reached its maximum NS/WR threshold.

You know: Nail Salon/Westport Resident ratio.

But in a development that has stunned everyone — from commercial real estate agents and Post Road motorists to Westport women with nails — one more salon has arrived.

This one is in the shopping center opposite Fresh Market, bracketed by Sam Sloat Coins and Wish List.

Luxe nail salon

Particularly riveting is the fact that the cleverly named “Luxe Nail Spa” sits inches away from a long-established nail salon next to Bagel Maven — and a new mega-salon that took over the Westport Pancake House.

I won’t even mention it’s across the street from a frozen yogurt shop.

(Hat tip: Wendy Cusick)

11 responses to “They Said It Couldn’t Be Done!

  1. Guess it is good for the Woman ….and some of the Men of Westport. Let the price wars begin!

  2. I know…women are getting one fingernail done at each place and when we’re done we do the same with our toes!

  3. Bruce Nemirow

    Great piece. One of life’s great mysteries. The immutable law of supply and demand will correct this soon unless deep pockets are using these places as fronts.

  4. Isn’t there already a Luxe nail salon??

  5. Wendy Cusick

    My jaw literally dropped when I saw this. I know it drives 06880er ‘ crazy. First thought…. pull over take picture send to Dan.

  6. Jean Denholtz

    How about the wonderful, long-established Star Palace next to Five Guys? It has been serving loyal patrons for 20 years with the most professional, courteous, experienced owners and staff!! I’m pleased to be one of them.❤️

    • Martha Witte

      I am loyal to Star Palace too. Can’t believe the NS/WR ratio. I just hope that Star Palace perseveres.

  7. Kathryn Sirico

    I agree Jean…..I think they were the first to come into Westport back in l990 or ’91. I may have tried others but always return to Star.

  8. Eileen Fanning

    Dan – It’s Bagel Maven that’s inches away next to Star Palace. And Alex’s bagel business has been going great since his reopening earlier this year.

  9. Thanks — you’re right! I just changed my erroneous reference.