National Geographic Focuses On Westport

Tuesday’s post-storm clouds sent a lot of Westporters scurrying for their cameras.

Most photos ended up on Facebook or Twitter.

Stephen Wilkes’ found its way to National Geographic — and then to the magazine’s very popular Instagram feed.

National Geographic photo of Compo Beach by Stephen Wilkes

(Photo/Stephen Wilkes)

Alert “06880” reader Danielle Dobin spotted it, and sent it to “06880.”

“Natgeo” included Wilkes’ comment: “I was fortunate to see this remarkable sunset from Compo beach, after days of summer storms.” It included the hashtags iPhoneonly, CompoBeach, Connecticut, surreal, clouds, color — and skyporn.

In just 2 hours it’s garnered 167,000 likes, and over 1,150 comments. Most are along the lines of “awesome.” One person called it “weird.” Another said, “where we got married!!”

A woman wrote, “I want to go there.”

The comments came from around the globe. One person said “Lijkt beetje op jouw lucht,” which Google Translate changed from Dutch to “Seems little air on you.”

That’s not as weird as this comment — 刚刚在他家买了一只沛纳海 很牛逼 大家要买表找他,最靠谱的卖家 朋友圈都有标价 — which Google Translate believes says “He just bought a house very fast hardware you buy a Panerai watch to find him, the most likely price the seller has a circle of friends.”

On the other hand, “06880” readers don’t need a translator to look at Stephen Wilkes’ image and say, “that’s our Compo!”

12 responses to “National Geographic Focuses On Westport

  1. Wendy Cusick

    A customer just showed me that picture on Instagram National Geographic account like you said. At the time she showed me it was growing to 48,000 Likes!

  2. Wendy Cusick

    The likes I see increased a great deal more since you got the email. WOW

  3. Margaret Hart Rynshall

    Make that 48,001! So fantastic and surreal.

  4. This is really Special and fantastic!!! Ka-Pow!!!

  5. Ps… It’s Up a tad… 260K likes! (+ 1) !

  6. Truly a thrilling capture!! Wow!

  7. mary hoffman

    Stephen Wilkes is an extraordinary photographer, as well as an amazing person, husband and father. I hope we can purchase a print of this!!

  8. Sharon Paulsen

    Wow! Stunning and otherworldly!

    (Funny about Google Translate – don’t think I’ll be relying on that app any time soon, lol!).

  9. Wendy Cusick

    update 940pm 285,182 likes and still climbing!!! Wow A lot happen since 330pm 48,000 likes this afternoon. Congratulations Mr. Wilkes I think you broke a record and put Westport, CT on the map! (Instagram: @natgeo and @stephenwilkes)

  10. Funny that Sharon says “otherworldly”… my first thought was about the Mars Rover! (minus all that water)