Once Again, Westport Drivers Think Perfectly Clear Road Signs Don’t Apply To Them

Alert “06880” reader Molly Alger saw this, while waiting patiently at the Post Road/Compo Road intersection this weekend.

Compo Road signs

“I kept waiting to see cars turn into the sky,” she says. “As usual, Westport drivers ignored the signs.”

10 responses to “Once Again, Westport Drivers Think Perfectly Clear Road Signs Don’t Apply To Them

  1. Holly Wheeler

    I don’t understand this one.

  2. Chip Stephens - Staples 73

    They have been promising “Flying Cars” would be real for years, maybe this just Westport’s planning for the future.

    • In Back To The Future II, there are flying cars when Doc Brown goes back to Oct 21, 2015. So where are my flying cars????

  3. Wendy Cusick

    HaHa This Good! 🙂

  4. Peter Barlow

    Are traffic lights with yellow on top something new in Westport?

  5. Mary Maynard

    FunNEE. Thank you. mmm

  6. Morley Boyd

    To those of us suckers who regularly brave this intersection, the arrows make all the sense in the world: the arrow pointing up is helpfully indicating what will happen to your blood pressure if you try doing what the arrow pointing to the left suggests – without first making sure that someone isn’t running the light. Like usual.

    Speaking of signs and clutter, the sign jungle on that sad little traffic island doesn’t really have to be so in-your-face nasty. Does it? Any chance we could at least move the beautiful stone DAR monument to the British raid on Danbury over to the Fairfield Country Bank side of South Compo? This way humans could actually see it. That would be a start.

  7. Ann Marie Flynn

    Hi all….thanks for the laughs!