Oh My 06880 — Photo Challenge #25

Last week’s photo challenge had the misfortune to be sandwiched in between 2 stories on a very controversial “Welcome to Westport” video. Many readers were focused on that topic — not on Lynn U. Miller’s image (which, in an amazing coincidence, showed the “to” in a “Welcome to Westport” bench at the train station).

Bobbie Herman was the only reader to correctly identify the photo. (Click here to see it.)

This week’s photo challenge will hopefully not be buried. If you think you know where it is, click “Comments.” And, of course, provide a back story if you’ve got one!

Oh My 06880 - June 21, 2015

(Photo/Lynn U. Miller)

58 responses to “Oh My 06880 — Photo Challenge #25

  1. Robert Mitchell

    Minute Man Monument plaque.

  2. Wendy Cusick

    I’m going to take a couple stabs at this ….1)Imperial Ave Park—Grace K. Salmon Imperial Ave 2)Canal Green Canal St 3)Eloise A Ray Park Riverside Ave and Lincoln St 4) Luciano Park Park St 5) Park across from old Arrow Restaurent under a tree where Charles and Riverside met as a triangle grass patch (Multiple Choice Take your pick)

  3. Wherever the bicentennial festivities were held (Town Hall?)

  4. Wendy Cusick

    Another stab… Mrs. Hunter may be on to something… in Front of Town Hall (old Bedford School) on Myrtle Ave the War Memorial Park Area. A couple thoughts here…….Where was Town Hall in 1976 wasn’t it on US RT 1 Post Road/State St? Also another mystery to think about is this plaque for 1976 or 1776???? Mrs. Miller got a good one to stump us! πŸ™‚

    • Nice try, Wendy — but still coming up empty. Sorry! (PS: Town Hall moved from the stone building on Post Road next to Restoration Hardware, to its present site — the old Bedford Elementary School — around 1983, I think.)

  5. Wendy Cusick

    Dan wrote back before I could say my ‘Stabs’ were a bust. After work and the rainstorm that knocked out power (again) to Downtown Westport to check on the spots I thought looked like the picture. Nope Nothing Nada As I drove through I realized they’re are plaque ALL OVER the place as you scan the road as you drive. Finding a needle in a haystack seems easier.

  6. Bobbie Herman

    The Historical Society? Veteran’s Green?

  7. No, but you are all getting closer.

  8. Wendy Cusick

    Hmmm…I beat it’s something right under our noses.

  9. Stroffolino Park has a small memorial.

  10. A church? So many to choose from!

  11. Wendy Cusick

    OK Hold on… The clue is IN the Flag….It’s either right on Avery Place near the Historical Society or the little Historical cemetery on Evergreen Ave which is off of Myrtle Ave. Take a real close look at the Flag it only has 11 or 13 Stars! It’s has to do with the year 1776!

  12. Sharon Paulsen

    At the cemetery on Kings Highway and Old Hill Road intersection?

  13. Charlie Stoebe

    Flag looks like the Bennington flag – not sure where that would be though

  14. Wendy Cusick

    Dan is enjoying this….

  15. Sharon Paulsen

    Hmmm, okay … guessing it’s NOT at any cemetery, but I’m still DYING to find out what this is! (snort snort)

  16. What’s left? Police station (the font looks very authoritative), Seniors center,

  17. Time for a hint: downtown. And believe it or not, Nancy Hunter comes closest, from 3,000 miles away.

  18. Sharon Paulsen

    Old Post Office? (or was that building demo’d?)

  19. Fire Departments also use authoritative fonts.

  20. Wendy Cusick

    OK folks how this….Sherwood island Connector and Greens Farms Rd Cemetery!!

  21. Nope. As I said: Downtown!

  22. Near or on Imperial Ave. (Sorry about the Fire Dept. guess… I was thinking of an old photo!).

  23. Wendy Cusick

    At 4pm I was at the Westport Historical Society! So I didn’t see your post. I showed them the picture and they’re can’t figure it out. They sent me to Old Town Hall and Sherwood Island.

  24. Wendy Cusick

    I walked around Old Town Hall nothing obvious.

  25. Near or on Jesup Road?

  26. Wendy Cusick

    OK Mrs. Hunter spill the beans. You got this figured out better that the Westport Historical Society. I had 4 of them looking at the picture today at 4pm.

  27. You’re getting closer. Another hint: it’s affixed to the base of something. The full plaque says “Lions Club of Westport. Bicentennial commemoration. June 13, 1976.”

  28. Wendy Cusick

    Jesup Rd!!! Congratulations Mrs. Hunter! Goodness all the way on the west coast in B.C. Canada. And she hasn’t been here in 30 or so years. Correct? This is going to blow the Westport Historical Society’s mind! Please send Mimi Burroughs a message, that the picture in question was literally right under our noses, she was one of the 4 WHS people looking at the picture in Dan’s blog on my phone. πŸ™‚

  29. Wendy Cusick

    I won’t be in Westport until after 6pm after work tomorrow. Of Course, Mrs. Hunter can’t drive by and Mrs. Paulsen seems isn’t nearby either but whoever is free tomorrow morning/early afternoon will probably find it. Mrs. Herman are you still here in Fairfield County?

  30. Sharon Paulsen

    Hmmm, well … Is there a large natural rock formation in the center of the green where this would be affixed to?
    Stretching the memory banks here.

  31. Wendy Cusick

    Along the riverwalk between Westpport Library and Saugatuck River

  32. Lyman Building/Godillot Place? Plenty of history, I read!

  33. Sharon Paulsen

    Maybe at the entrance to Jesup Road, off Imperial.
    The Women’s Club isn’t right at that corner, is it? A bit further up on Imperial? Kinda looks like it could be a part of the club’s building.

    Man, someone figure this out already!!!

  34. Nancy’s guess above is closer than yours.

  35. After all this digging, I’m going with Wendy’s thought: the flagpole at the Library.

    • Yes!!!!!!! Technically it’s the flagpole at Jesup Green near the library, but because you are 3,000 miles away and in another country, we’ll give it to you. Well done, Nancy. (25,000 Westporters hang their heads in shame…).

      And a great challenge by Lynn U. Miller too!

  36. Wendy Cusick

    Congratulation Mrs. Hunter!! Team Work from two people who Don’t live in Westport. For the record, I’m from across the border… Norwalk. Come On Westport You see this stuff more we do… Mrs.Hunter is in Canada and I’m in Norwalk. Like I said earlier, this is going blow Westport Historical Society’s minds. Have A Good Night Everyone and you Mrs. Hunter I tip my hat to you Good Job! (actuallly You still have Daylight) Thanks Dan I wonder what Mrs. Miller and Dan have planned next???

    • Well, it seems that we both love History (and treasure hunts!).
      Happily, Westport has much to offer…

      p.s. roll up your sleeves for the next challenge!

  37. Sharon Paulsen

    Phew! Congrats ladies!! Glad that’s over with! Looking forward to the next one!

    P.S. to Wendy: I’m a Trumbull-ite now, but born & raised in Westport (well, born at Norwalk Hospital, if we want to get specific). Then worked in Westport after college until 2006 before moving on to other pastures, lol! Also owned homes in Fairfield, and then Easton, before buying in Trumbull. So near, but so far away, it seems!