“It’s Baaaaaack”: The Back Story

Equity One’s offices were closed this weekend, when Westporters first noticed the reappearance of the “paint palette” sign at Compo Acres Shopping Center.

But this morning, a spokesman for the shopping center’s owner provided some background information:

When Equity One became aware that their property manager had discarded
the sign, they set aside funds to replace it. They contacted the Westport Arts Center, which recommended Duvian Montoya.

Working from less-than-clear Google Street View images, he recreated it almost perfectly.

The spokesman said, “It is a shame the original sign was lost. But we are glad we could restore something similar in its place, which hopefully will remain for a long time.”

The new sign ...

The new sign …

... and a view of the original, which Duvian Montoya worked from.

… and a view of the original, which Duvian Montoya worked from.

5 responses to ““It’s Baaaaaack”: The Back Story

  1. Jack Whittle

    I was just about to post up on the earlier topic that the sign appeared to be a good re-creation of the orginal rather than a cleaned up relic (was stopped at the light there yesterday afternoon and had a nice long look at it.) Nice of the owner to do so on their own initiative, with the urging of certain Westport-focused blogs, of course.

  2. Jacques Voris

    Good job Equity One! It is nice to see a corporation that cares about the history of the properties they own

  3. Bravo Equity One!

  4. That’s actually a pretty class move. Thanks EO.

  5. Susan huppi

    Equity one gets points for this…thanks for trying to keep some of “old”westport alive!!