Not Just Another Reunion Story

Two years ago, I posted an amazing story.

Back in 1966, Chris Murray and Diane McCoy were Staples High School sweethearts. They went their separate, twisting-and-turning ways.

43 years later — both divorced — they reconnected. Now they’re married.

Chris Murray and Diane McCoy today.

Chris Murray and Diane McCoy today.

It was a long, involved, multi-coincidental and very heartwarming piece. (You can should read it here.)

Now there’s another, equally inspiring, PS.

I recently got an email from a woman in Milan, Italy named Alessia Culcasi. Twenty years earlier, as a teenager in Athens, she’d had an English tutor named Chris Murray. She’d just googled him — presumably adding “Westport” — and my “06880” story popped up as the 1st link. She wondered if it was the same one. I said he was.

She hunted Chris down — I guess her English was pretty good — and last month, she visited Chris. She brought along her husband Lele — and why not? They were in the States on their honeymoon.

Alessia and Lele arrive at the train station.

Alessia and Lele arrive at the train station.

“It was a joyful reunion,” Chris says. Alessia loved Diane. They spent a wonderful 2 days showing off Westport.

The tagline of “06880” is “where Westport meets the world.” Apparently, it’s also where the world meets Westport.

Chris and Diane (left) show Alessia and Lele one of Westport's favorite spots.

Chris and Diane (left) show Alessia and Lele one of Westport’s favorite spots.

3 responses to “Not Just Another Reunion Story

  1. As a twist on this wonderful story, I was wondering, Dan, if you’ve ever heard about Westporters/ex-Westporters meeting each other by fluke in other parts of the world? It happened to me, so I’m guessing there are more stories.

    • I didn’t mention the important part: meeting Brenda, a Staples librarian from 1971, at lunch in Arles, France a few years ago. We also happen to live in the same city. If I was two years older, I would have met her in the library, long before France.

  2. Jo Dickison

    Can’t think of two more welcoming ambassadors!