Stop The Presses! 2 Chain Stores Offer Mom-And-Pop Service

Alert readers know that “06880” is no fan of the trend that chain stores have overrun Westport. Schaefer’s, Sally’s Place, Selective Eye = good. Banana Republic, Lululemon, Sunglass Hut = bad, if you want to reduce it to that.

But 2 experiences — in the same day — show that we should not paint all chain stores with the same (Max’s Art Supplies, RIP) brush.

Cohens Fashion Optical logoThis report comes from a reader who wishes to remain anonymous. First he went to Cohen’s Fashion Optical in Compo Shopping Center. A lens had popped out of his glasses.

A woman told him to have a seat. A few minutes later she reappeared. It was all fixed — at no charge. They never asked if he’d bought his frame there, or if he’d even set foot in the store before. It was on the house.

Next stop: Lux Bond & Green, to replace a broken rubber watchband on his Timex heart monitor watch.

Lux Bond and GreenAn employee spent a fair amount of time trying to find one to match the width and curve of the band, but to no avail. So she recommended another store in town — but added that it was closed that day.

Cohen’s Fashion Optical has dozens of shops up and down the East Coast (and Puerto Rico). Lux Bond & Green is spread across 3 states.

But both stores seem to understand the importance of hometown, you’re-the-only-customer-who-matters-to-us service.

And you can take that to the bank. (Though unfortunately, not to Westport Bank & Trust.)

7 responses to “Stop The Presses! 2 Chain Stores Offer Mom-And-Pop Service

  1. Susan Shuldman

    Despite being a chain store, I have had fantastic experiences at Sunglass Hut on Main Street. I have purchased glasses for my daughter at the store, but I have also gone in there for a quick adjustment to my own sunglasses — the same employees have been there for years and never charge for adjustments.

  2. Gloria Gouveia, Land Use Consultants

    And, if you do “want to take it to the bank”, the TDNorth branch on Main Street offers the most cordial, friendly and efficient service I’ve experienced since the days of Westport Bank & Trust.

  3. Keith Styrcula

    Agree with Gloria on the TD experience (super-friendly, and I don’t bank there, yet) and with the Cohen’s personal touch as well. Great piece, Dan.

  4. Linda Stein

    It’s not always the name on the door, but the person behind the counter

  5. Small world. Westport has a Toronto-Dominion bank.