Barnes & Noble & Bassick

Most days, a Barnes & Noble book fair would not be “06880”-worthy.

Tomorrow is not most days.

barnes-and-noble-logoWestport’s calendar is filled with events like these: Schools and arts/education non-profits ask their supporters to shop on a particular day at our lone remaining bookstore. They give vouchers to the cashier — or simply mention that they’re helping that day’s special organization. The organization earns up to 25% of the amount spent in their name.

Most times, it’s a way for groups to pad their already-ample treasuries.

Tomorrow’s “Book Fair” is a way to help Bassick High School beef up their very important Book Club. It’s one of their key fundraisers this year.

Bassick parent Joanne Kennedy (left) and parent center worker Kizzie Gibson promote tomorrow's Barnes & Noble Book Fair.

Bassick parent Joanne Kennedy (left) and parent center worker Kizzie Gibson promote tomorrow’s Barnes & Noble Book Fair.

The Bridgeport school is going all out. Bassick students will come to Barnes & Noble in the morning. They’ll hear Westporter Michaela MacColl talk to them about being a writer. Copies of her books — historical fiction for young adults, focusing on famous females — will be on sale. (The most recent: The Revelation of Louisa May.)

Barnes & Noble staff are impressed by how hard the Bassick students, parents and staff are working to make this a successful fundraiser. I’m happy to do my part, publicizing this one (after saying “no” to so many similar press requests).

Though less than 10 miles away, Bassick and Westport schools might as well exist in parallel universes.

It’s easy to support our town’s fundraisers — and just as easy to skip them.

This is one we should make every effort to attend.

(Not in Westport — or unable to get to Barnes & Noble tomorrow? Click on any time from June 1 to June 6, and use ID 11614286 at checkout.)



2 responses to “Barnes & Noble & Bassick

  1. Michaela MacColl

    Tricia Tierney, the Community Relations person at Barnes and Noble always goes the extra mile to help out local schools without the deep pockets of ours. Thanks Dan for highlighting this fundraiser!

  2. I have a special attachment to Bassick as my favorite cousin Franny Nash was in the Class of 1958 there. Even after her parents moved to the burbs
    in 1957 , Franny insisted on finishing at her beloved Bassick. She learned a lot there and was accepted to Vassar as a result.