You Think Compo Acres Needs Some New Signs?!

In all my years in Westport, only once have I seen a car going the wrong way in the narrow drive in front of Compo Acres Shopping Center.

Since the recent renovation though, it’s become an epidemic.

In the space of about 5 minutes yesterday, alert (and very frightened) “06880” reader Susan Shuldman spotted 3 — 3! — drivers who apparently entered by Trader Joe’s.

In the absence of “One Way/Do Not Enter” signs — and/or blithely ignoring all the cars facing them on both sides, and/or mesmerized by the prospect of Robek’s, SoulCycle or the texts they were reading — they casually cruised through the one-way traffic, calmly parked, and went about their business.

Trader Joes 1 - Susan Shuldman

Trader Joes 2 - Susan Shuldman

(Photos/Susan Shuldman)

(Photos/Susan Shuldman)

The good news: Thanks to the new, higher curbs, you can no longer exit directly from that parking lot into the Post Road.

23 responses to “You Think Compo Acres Needs Some New Signs?!

  1. Happens at Parker Harding, too. I had to stop two of those vulcan SUV’s that were unbelievably headed the wrong way on a road clearly marked “Do Not Enter” and they got mad at ME!

  2. Sharon Paulsen

    Guess they better get those one way/do not enter signs up soon! Painted arrows on the road sometimes helps confused drivers too, haha!
    But for those “entitled folks”, rules of the road don’t apply to them, apparently!

  3. the chaos is not new. i have been walking to trader joes almost every day for 18 years and risk my life everytime. i have reported this in conjunction with the issues at intersection at compo and post road to a former first selection, department of public works, and CT DOT with no response. i also invited toni boucher to stand at the cross walk in front of CVS with me to witness the third world activity herself. again no response. it is a VERY dangerous shopping center on both sides.

  4. Morley Boyd

    I’ve watched a number of SUV drivers on the Post Road just go right over the sidewalk in front of TJ’s/ Robeks and parallel park. And vise versa. In broad daylight. Sometimes I have to laugh to keep from crying.

  5. You can drive over any curb with the proper motivation and absence of common sense.

  6. Sally Palmer

    Yesterday morning a lady was parked perpendicular to the sidewalk OVER it in front of Trader Joes. Her car was hung up on the new higher curb!

  7. That whole project has been poorly planned it’s an accident waiting for a place to happen!!

  8. Marcy Anson Fralick Class of 1970

    From a western U.S. perspective, those are tiny, narrow, poorly designed parking lots that seem to be catering to compact cars. So, when you’re an entitled soccer mom, driving a behemoth, luxury SUV on a truck chassis, like the top picture, you’re going to park wherever you darn well please. Maybe an ordinance that no cars larger than a Ford Focus are allowed in those lots?

    • Wendy Cusick

      You forgot about the mega station wagons of the 60’s thru 80’s….For Example:1970’s Pontiac Executive Station Wagons and other GM station wagons and a big favorite 1980’s Ford Country Squire Station Wagons. Talk about Huge Gas Guzzlers.

    • Susan Shuldman

      Marcy — I took those pictures and sorry to prove your theory wrong, but the driver of the “luxury SUV on a truck chassis” was not driven by an entitled soccer mom, it was driven by a man who appeared to be a livery car driver. It is getting a bit tiresome hearing that so many people in town ASSUME that a female between the ages of 30-50 driving a large SUV believe that they are entitled to drive anywhere without regard to rules of the road. I’ve witnessed people of all ages, driving all makes and models of cars not adhering to driving laws in Westport and all over CT!

  9. Judy Koffsky

    Just yesterday I spoke to the manager of Trader Joe’s to inquire as to wether any thought had been paid to the difficulty posed by the increased traffic, continuing construction and apparent loss of common curtsy on Westport roads. As an answer, I received the phone number of the managing agent of the shopping g area. It makes one want to food shop else were!

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  10. MaryAnn Meyer

    Compo Shopping Center also has its challenges. I have seen vehicles traveling North on Post Road taking the left turn into the shopping center using the “exit” lane instead of the “entrance” lane. Fortunately the “exit” lane was clear.

  11. Signage is everything. You can find your way out of Paris heading to Koln easily. North America seems a little asleep at the wheel.

    • Sharon Paulsen

      Of course, try driving in places like Vietnam, India, and the like. Pretty much NO road rules, and anything goes. It’s a crap shoot.

      Perhaps all the entitled folks should be dropped into those no-rules-zones, give them a scooter to drive, and they might be eating crow by the time they get back to states! (And maybe bring a little humility with them too, ha!).

      I love these traffic and parking related posts, Dan! So entertaining!

      • The signage in my city/country is terrible… you could drive off a ferry from Seattle and end up in Nova Scotia.
        Bike lanes are a better way to go.

  12. Eric Bosch

    Come on Dan. We have hundreds, perhaps thousands of additional signs in town since we were young. Am I right? So many signs everywhere, that it often blocks & blurs the beauty of the town. Lets take signs down. Not put them up. More signs alone will not fix stupidity, and selfish acts. A ticket might slow it down some. Call the Westport police department, and let them enforce the laws.

    • I agree in principal, Eric. But without a “One Way — Do Not Enter” sign by Trader Joe’s, this will continue to happen.

  13. I personally thought that the ability to drive over the sidewalk (which I never saw any pedestrians use) was the best design feature of that very out-dated traffic flow. Trying to merge with the other cars, dodge people entering TJ’s, then decide whether to go around back or through the bank is a real pain. With the newer shops there and the hourly traffic flow from Soul Cycle, they should have kept the curb the way it was. – Chris Woods

  14. Michael Calise

    Entitled driving is the problem not lack of signage!

  15. sandy johnson

    Agree with most all comments above. I have LONG AGO stopped parking in the front area. I always park inback of CVS to do any errands and sometimes walk over to Trader Joes is I don’t need a lot of things. There isusually lots of space in the back and it is much safer!!