Splash Into Pearl

The news that everyone figured was coming, has come: There will be no restaurant or outdoor patio bar at Longshore this summer.

As reported yesterday on WestportNow, “Pearl of Longshore” will replace Splash as the dining-and-drinking establishment across from the 1st tee.

But Pearl won’t open until mid-December. New owners BNG Partners — led by Westporter Marc Backon — need that time to renovate the kitchen and dining space. When they’re ready, they’ll offer “Mediterranean-style seafood” in the summer, with additional “meat and game” dishes the rest of the year.

Sounds good — and worth waiting for.

In the meantime, plenty of folks have to find a new summer spot for after-work drinks.

There are plenty of choices. But none with the view and ambience of the patio bar at Longshore.

The patio bar at Longshore (right in photo above) was a perfect place for summer socializing.

The patio bar at Longshore (right in photo above) was a perfect place for summer socializing.

8 responses to “Splash Into Pearl

  1. Molly Alger

    One advantage to the loss of Splash, and believe me I really miss it, but at least we golfers don’t have to endure the terrible stench from the Splash garbage containers, stored next to the walkway from the parking lot to the driving range and putting green. I have long thought they were not only unpleasant, but probably a health hazard as well.

  2. Holly Wheeler

    Too bad about Longshore for the summer. Dan, any news on Positano opening at the Playhouse?

  3. Gil Ghitelman

    Operating the patio bar from now thru Labor Day would be a serious money maker. No real renovations needed. Do these guys know what they’re doing?

  4. Charles Haberstroh

    In addition Pearl has agreed to include a pub menu aimed at golfers.

  5. Bummer — we will have to rethink our Longshore stay this summer for a few nights. Not sure the Westport Inn is it.

  6. Is it a space that you can walk into and BYOB?