This Old House #15

Last week’s mystery house — identified only as somewhere in Green’s Farms — remains unidentified. (Click here to see it, with comments.)

This week’s house is also described only as “Green’s Farms.” It too will be tough to identify definitively (if it still stands — no one knows.)

This Old House - May 27, 2015

Like all houses in this series, it was photographed during the 1930s, for a WPA project. The Westport Historical Society is attempting to identify as many “mystery houses” as possible, prior to an upcoming exhibit.

If you think you know where in Green’s Farms this is (or was), click “Comments.”

14 responses to “This Old House #15

  1. It looks like one of the Osbourne houses at the corner of Kings Highway and Oxford Rd., but I think that’s in Southport

  2. Sandy Soennichsen

    It’s 47 Maple Lane in Greens Farms.

  3. elizaBeth einiger

    213 Greens Farms Road across from Nyala Farms? (Not positive but it looks like something I worked on as a designer).

  4. Caitlin Burke

    Corner of west parish and hillandale?

  5. Caitlin Burke

    Corner of West Parish & Hillandale?

  6. House number 14 mystery solved. It is the original house at 213 Greens Farms Rd at the corner of Clapboard Hill. We share the driveway with it, but I did not recognize it because part of it shown in the photo was missing in 1975 when we moved to town. About 25 years later it was re made into a Mcmansion and a few of the features of the original house were salvaged like the ultra cool walk-in fireplace in the kitchen. End of story is one night the landmark plaque courtesy of the Westport HIstorical Society strangely disappeared. Rumor had it that a departed relative of the Bedford’s decided it was a cool house but no longer historical.

  7. Sharon Paulsen

    A shot in the dark here, but to me, it’s looks like a home on Prospect, off Greens Farms Road, where I visited a high school friend of mine once or twice.

  8. Deirdre O'Farrelly

    Looks like the Green’s Farms Post office

  9. Bob Weingarten

    Thanks for all the suggestions. I will start to look at all the locations provided and in the next few days – hopefully find it!

  10. This house is #187 Long Lots Road (built 1683……..the oldest house in Westport). The chimney has been replaced and the front window has been moved. The locations of the side windows is what gives it away.

  11. Bob Weingarten

    Dan, you have a point about the side windows but this is not 187 Long Lots Road since there was a WPA 1930s photo taken of that house. I’ve seen all the houses and there do not appear to be any duplicate images. Sorry. For others I am still reviewing the house location as identified.

    • Dan Herman

      Bob……….I’m going to take another look at this #187 Long Lots Road. The proportions and fenestration of this building are not that common. I might have missed something that would rule it out.
      Dan Herman

      • Bob………This is a reply to my reply.
        I went to look at #187 again. There are matches to photo as far as shape of side of house, windows in side of house and position of chimney (face on ridge line). What doesn’t match is the front elevation of the house. The house in the photo has more first floor headroom than #187. The top of the front window at #187 is directly below the eaves.
        Oh well………………..

  12. Susan Lloyd

    Possibly 55 Center Street. The Tomasky family lived there forever and it was torn down in the late 1990’s or early 2000’s.