The Entire Memorial Day Parade — In Less Than A Minute

Maybe you watched the entire Memorial Day parade this year. Or you marched in it, so you saw only the Y’s Men or Suzuki violinists in front of you.

Perhaps you slept in. Or you’re 3,000 miles from Westport.

Whatever happened this morning, here’s a chance to relive the entire parade — in 59 seconds.

Nick Pisarro — a Westport resident (off and on) since 1951 — created this fantastic time-lapse video.

It’s got everyone, and everything. You just have to look close — and keep your finger on the pause button.

9 responses to “The Entire Memorial Day Parade — In Less Than A Minute

  1. Quintessential Westport.

  2. Exxxxxcellllent! Great job Nick, thank you Dan.

  3. Vince Cremona

    I remember many many years ago when my son was drum major and most of the rest of the kids were in the parade… fond memories, Just came across your site Dan, good for you!

  4. Nicholas Moore Eisenberger

    Thanks, Dan. I was, indeed, 3,000 miles away in Elk, California. Was sorry to miss it this year, but glad to have the video.

    To the Fallen.


  5. Judy Kelhoffer

    Bravo! Dan! I lived in Westport and worked at Patagonia and always looked forward to the parade….now living in Houston, they don’t do it because it’s too hot! Thanks.

  6. Amee Borys

    That is great!!! Thanks, Nick.

  7. Mary Ann Batsell

    I knew a Nicky Pisarro in Greens Farms Elementary, that would have been in about 1953 is that who did the film or his child? I always wondered where he went.