Down By The Old Mill Fog

(Photo/Matt Murray)

(Photo/Matt Murray)

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8 responses to “Down By The Old Mill Fog

  1. Marc Sholes

    great photo!

  2. Matt, this is absolutely gorgeous! You need to blow it up and frame it!!! I am very impressed!

  3. january stewart

    Great shot Matt!

  4. That is a gorgeous photo, Dan. Will Matt allow me to paint it in oils? Really a terrific photo.

  5. Karen Huppi Vail

    Beautiful. I have many memories of this place (at least a couple of them naughty, hey it was the ’70’s)!

  6. That’s a GREAT shot!! I LOVE it!

    Betsy Phillips Kahn

  7. Matt Murray

    No rights permission needed. Maybe credit. I like French wine. LOL
    Source camera was a HTC OneM8.

  8. Catherine Yousfi-Jones

    Beautiful! Thanks!