Temple Israel: “We’ll Keep Doing Good Work”

Today — 3 days after the frightening intrusion during a luncheon program — Temple Israel president Steven Phillips issued this statement:

We at Temple Israel are grateful for the outpouring of community support we have received after this week’s incident with the intruders at our congregation.  Many of you have asked us to share our reactions to the ongoing conversation around this sad event.

Common sense tells us that 2 men do not travel from New Haven to politely read a statement to a small, private luncheon. Rather, their goal was to do exactly what they did: to create a disturbance, to distress our community, and to get themselves and their message in the press.

Steven Phillips

Steven Phillips

Our community has already paid a high price. Those attending the luncheon,  our families, and especially our children, whose safety was and must be our first concern, were made to feel unsafe in our congregation. And now, too much of the precious community resources we rely on to communicate with and connect to one another are being devoted to giving the intruders what they crave: attention.  They’ve had their 15 minutes; let’s focus on what really matters.

The police report speaks eloquently to the facts, and the court will establish its truth. The responsibility for the incident belongs solely to the intruders. The police and our staff responded magnificently and exactly as they were trained, and fortunately, there were no injuries. Now is the time to let the judicial process do its work and make certain that these 2 men, and these 2 men alone, suffer the consequences of what they did.

That is what we at Temple Israel intend to do, while we continue to make sure that our community is safe, and that we keep doing the good work that we and all our neighbors in Westport do every day.  There is no better or more principled way to respond.

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  1. Its you who are giving these two the attention. Maybe you need to always have the limelight?? When was the last time you spoke out about drugs in our schools? That would protect everyone’s safety not JUST yours

  2. Stephanie Bass


    • Wow, I’m pretty sure that this use of “WTF” doesn’t refer to “Wakeman Town Farm”.
      Gosh, Stephanie, you’re lucky ’cause someone could have called you an “ignorant” “troll” from “bugtussle” in response. Instead, no diatribe whatsoever. Guess you live on the green side of the fence. Lucky.

  3. I can’t agree that the Temple is doing good work when it comes to the questions of Israelis and Palestinians. Temple Israel President Phillips makes no mention of the actual work he was doing on May 12, collecting money to assist a military notorious for its war crimes and crimes against humanity. Recently the United Nations issued a report that the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) killed at least 44 Palestinians when it deliberately shelled plainly marked United Nations schools last summer. That was part, of course, of a bigger operation in which 2,100 people were killed, mostly civilians including over 500 children. The Israeli paper Ha’aretz reported last August that “89 entire families were killed by Israeli bombardments”. Last summer’s campaign was similar to what the IDF did in 2009. Then one shelling killed 21 members of the al-Samouni family. Gregory Williams and Daniel Fischer were trying to read to the congregation three paragraphs written by a Palestinian woman whose son was killed in 2009 along with a cousin who suffered for three months after she was burned by IDF white phosphorus before she succumbed to her injuries. President Phillips, I urge you to read the reports by Israeli soldiers on BreakingTheSilence.org.il as they explain that in attack after attack the Israeli military gets every more indiscriminate.

    Certainly Hamas can be condemned for random rocket fire, but it’s quite obvious that the amount of these attacks and resulting deaths and damage are dwarfed by the massive IDF “operations”.

    Finally, a few questions: 1) would the synagogue hold a fund raiser to give psychological help to the over 370,000 children in Gaza that UNICEF reports as being traumatized from the last war? 2) How would you feel if a mosque held a fund raiser for Hamas or ISIS? Would you think a peaceful protest was justified?

    Stanley Heller
    Executive Director
    Middle East Crisis Committee (CT)

  4. Henry Lowi

    I attended kindergarten in Milford, and went on to serve in the IDF. I now know that the “Jewish state”, far from being a refuge from persecution, and far from being “a light to the nations, is a source of division in Jewish communities. More of us are recognizing that the Zionist narrative is false. We do not want to be associated with a militarist, settler colonial regime based on ethnic cleansing. We want to return to the Jewish values of opposition to oppression, and solidarity with the oppressed. That is the way to Jewish survival and success, in America, the Middle East, and internationally. Your “intruders” represent the best of our heritage. You should embrace them.

  5. This was just another example of the irrational hatred some extreme, anti-Israel fanatics have for Israel, which happens to be the only liberal, western-oriented democracy in the Middle East, the only country in that region which shares the values those haters falsely claim to have. They’re not interested in facts, including the facts that the norm for civilian casualties in post-World War II conflicts has been in the order of 80-90%, so that even the grossly inflated Hamas figures indicate Israel went to extraordinary lengths to minimize civilian casualties. Careful analysis of the actual casualties have shown the majority were members of Hamas and other terror groups in Gaza. And, of course, were the terrorists in Gaza not doing their best to murder innocent Israelis, there would not have been any casualties at all in Gaza.

    It’s also worth noting that Friends of the IDF don’t actually assist the IDF (which truly are Israel DEFENSE Forces), but give assistance to the young men and women, barely more than children, who would all prefer to be in school and going to the beach but are forced to give up several years in the prime of their youth to defend their friends and families from the genocidal Arab war against the Jewish people and the Jewish state.

    Were these anti-Israel fanatics actually interested in the welfare of the Palestinians, they would be protesting those who are actually harming the Palestinian Arabs, including their own leadership – which refuses to make peace – and the warring factions in Syria who have already killed more Palestinian Arabs in the last two years than have been killed in the more than six decades of the Arab-Israel conflict. However, they’re more interested in terrorizing a group of women trying to give moral support to the Israeli youth being attacked.

  6. Ira Mehlman

    Thank you Mr. Phillips and Temple Israel for standing firm in the face of intimidation from the disruptive anti-Israel activists. Their cause is not human rights or peace; the one and only objective is the destruction of Israel.

    Throughout Jewish history we have had to contend with those like the two people who disrupted your event and people like Stanley Heller who have made hatred of Israel and the Jewish people their life’s mission. History will deal with them as it dealt with those whose ugly legacy they carry on.

    Am Yisrael Chai.

  7. Yoram Gelman

    The comment by Steven Phillips is remarkable for the insensitivity he displays to the situation in Israel/Palestine.

    He comments, “… our families, and especially our children … were made to feel unsafe in our congregation.” How can he compare familial safety of families in his congregation with familial safety of families in Gaza who wonder when the next knock on the door will be accompanied by horrible commands by soldiers from “the only democracy in the Middle East” to get out in one minute because their home will be bombed? — and who are sometimes shot anyway when they do get out?

    Do children of his congregation find pieces of live phosphorus in the ground, which start burning fiercely when again exposed to air? How many in his congregation have multiple family members killed by the IDF while they were inside their homes?

    The statistics about human suffering in Gaza does not even mention the daily abuses of Palestinians suffered in the West Bank — especially by the hands of settlers who are protected by Israeli police.

    Unsafe indeed! Yes, the intruders into your polite event meant to cause discussion. If Stephen Phillips begins to think more about why the intrusion occurred, then the intrusion was justified – as written in the book that contains the moral code by which Jews are supposed to live.

  8. Mike Cushman

    I have read the totally plausible and believable account that Gregory Williams has posted of his actions http://www.westportnow.com/index.php?/v2_5/comments/letter_new_haven_man_explains_temple_israel_actions/ It certainly appears that no one is persisting in the claim that the two protesters were armed and the magnitude of that false claim (and the disruptive effects of that claim on local schools). That this claim is now shown to be untrue casts doubt on all the other claims made by those castigating the two protesters.

    It is appropriate that an event that celebrates the IDF should be asked to hear reasonable criticisms of the effects of the IDF’s actions. The hysterical response to the actions of two calm Jewish men based on the assumption that all criticism of Israel flows in Alan Stein’s words from ‘the irrational hatred some extreme, anti-Israel fanatics have for Israel’ is more revealing of the unwillingness of, at least some of, Israel’s apologists to look at evidence or even be exposed to it.

  9. Les Levidow

    Given the paranoic reaction of the Temple’s stewards and leadership, how to understand this? Racist colonial regimes have always demonised their subalterns, thus portraying colonial violence as the victims’ self-defence against terrorism. Likewise Zionism projects its own violence onto its Palestinian victims and its verbal critics, even Jewish ones. These two men were immediately accused of being ‘armed’, as the intuitive Zionist rationale for physically attacking and expelling them. Such paranoic ‘self-defence’ is integral to the ‘good work’ of celebrating the IDF. It seems more like self-defence against the Jewish tradition of social justice.

  10. Williams should ask his friends to stop trying to defend him. They are not very bright and their remarks are largely irrelevant.

    Williams trespassed. He forced his way into a meeting held on private property to which he was not invited; an act of violence.

    There was no abridgment of Williams First Amendment Rights. As an aside, this claim is amusing. Williams claimed to be a student at Yale which has a speech code that does restrict his First Amendment Rights. Evidently Williams did not find these restriction burdensome

    Williams’ claims were lies. They were lies in 1975 when the UN gave birth to them, and they are lies now.

    Cushman’s claim about what “should” have been done at the event is irrelevant. The people at the even had a right to chose the agenda and to peaceably assemble. Moreover, whether or not the two men were Jewish is completely irrelevant. Cushman is a champion of the irrelevant.

    Gelman argues the end justifies the means. I think we have all heard that lie before.

  11. I’ll try to not confuse Peter, Stanley, Henry, Yoram, Mike and Lev with the facts, in which they clearly have not interest. Rather, this is directed to those people they are trying to mislead.

    The people in Gaza have no fear of Israeli soldiers coming into their homes, for the simple reason there are no Israelis in Gaza. Israel left completely in 2005, doesn’t want to have anything to do with Gaza (although it does provide enormous amounts of humanitarian assistance to the people living there), and has come back into Gaza only when forced by the murderous actions of Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Fatah and the other terror groups dominating and subjugating the unfortunate people there.

    In contrast, Hamas et al keep doing their best to murder innocent Israelis, including children. They did not build tunnels underneath the border leading to Israeli kindegartens because they wanted their children to be able to attend; they did so in order to kidnap and murder Jewish kindegarteners. They did not fire rockets from schools because they they felt rockets were wonderful toys for young children; they did so because they knew Israel would be reluctant to respond to rocket fire from schools bacause, unlike Hamas, Israel tries to avoid harming the children of its enemies.

    One of the most appropriate cartoons depicting the difference between Israel and the Palestinian Arabs is the cartoon showing Israeli soldiers in front of Israeli children, protecting the children, while showing Hamas rockets behind baby carriages, using the infants as human shields.

    Jews and Jewish institutions are being threatened around the world. It was no accident that the Charlie Hebdo terrorists also attacked a Jewish delicatessen. The synagogue invaders knew exactly what they wanted to do and the reaction of those in the synagogue was not paranoid, but both to be expected and prudent. The criminal trespassers deserve to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

    To call those who defend those criminals and attack the women who were the victims useful idiots and dupes would be to give them too much credit. They simply hate the Jewish people and the nation state of the Jewish people. They clearly do not care about the Palestinian Arabs. If they actually cared about the Palestinian Arabs they would be protesting those who are actually hurting the Palestinian Arabs: their Arab brethren who have used them as pawns, Hamas and the other terror groups who use them as human shields, and Abu Mazen, who refuses to make peace and even refused to allow the Palestinian Arabs in Syria to be saved by welcoming them to Judea and Samaria; he said better to have them die than to come back to what he calls the “State of Palestine.”

  12. Is this what the Jewish religion has become? A support act for an army that is one of the most powerful in the world? Alan Stein’s defence of the IDF could have been taken from Goebbel’s book of the Big Lie. The Israeli navy regularly fires on Gaza fishermen, soldiers fire from outside the Gaza fence into the Gaza strip killing protestors who stray too near to the fence, planes fire missiles into buildings. The blockade happened as a consequence of the people of Gaza voting for Hamas and the ejection of Fateh.
    We now have a government whose Prime Minister issued a call on Facebook for Jewish voters to come out because the Arabs were voting in ‘droves’, whose ‘Justice Minister’ Ayelet Shaked cited, also on her FB page, a journalist who talked about murdering Palestinian mothers to stop them giving birth to ‘little Palestinian snakes’, a Deputy Defense Minister, Rabbi Eli Dahan who believes Palestinians are beasts not human beings and for whom, in accordance with the belief system of Lubvitch and others, Jewish souls are superior to those of Gentiles and of course Miri Regev who compared African asylum seekers in Israel to a ‘cancer’ and then when there were protests she apologised to sufferers from cancer. We also have Tsipi Hotovely who channels money into Lehava, a fascist organisation dedicated to preventing Jewish-Arab relationships, which is run by ex-Kahanists and whose activists have been indicted for arson at one of Israel’s few Jewish-Arab schools.
    One wonders whether, if this were to happen in the United States and Jews were barred from 93% of the land by the Christian National Fund and we had Jews piilloried in the same way, would that be anti-Semitic? Just wondered.

    • How typical of the anti-Israel fanatics, to falsely accuse me of lying but – because everything I wrote was true – not bothering with countering anything I wrote. Meanwhile, I’ll point out that weapons smugglers regularly pretend to be fishermen, terrorists regularly approach the security barrier to fire at Israeli civilians and to place explosives. How typical to omit the fact that the Israelis fire at buildings because terrorists are using those buildings to store weapons and to fire at Israelis; it’s part of their strategy of using civilians, including women and children as human shields. The “blockade,” which is more of a quarantine, wouldn’t be necessary if Hamas and the other terrror groups weren’t continually smuggling weapons into Gaza and heavier and more deadly weapons are more easily smuggled in by sea than over land.

      The last paragraph is totally absurd, falsely implying non-Jews are barred from 93% of the land in Israel. That roughly corresponds to the percentage of land owned by the government and, by law, the government is compelled to offer equal access to all to government-owned land. The insinuation is also hypocritical, given that in the Palestinian Authority it’s a capital crime to sell land to a Jew and one of Abbas’ non-negotiable demands is that whatever land is given to the Palestinian Arabs be ethnically cleansed of any Jewish presence.

  13. I have just returned from a medical delegation to Gaza and bore witness to the level of destruction, trauma, and death that resulted from last summer’s assault as well as the bravery and resilience of families, teachers, therapists, doctors and many others in the face of this catastrophe. As a Jewish American I think it is critical for us to be realistic in our assessment of the IDF and its behavior and to listen to the multiple UN and human rights organizations as well as Israeli soldiers themselves who challenge the myth that the IDF is a “moral” army engaged only in “self defense.” Challenging that mythology is part of our responsibilities as Jews and as US taxpayers.

    • Yes, war is hell. Had the terror groups from Gaza not persisted in launching thousands of rockets at Israeli civilians, there wouldn’t have been a war in 2014, or in 2012, or in 2009, or in 2006, Israel left completely in 2005. The Arabs had the opportunity to make Gaza into a seaside paradise. They chose to turn it into Hamastan.

  14. Lillian Rosengarten

    “I am sickened but not surprised by the “fear” displayed by the the Temple’s “protectors.” I do believe it is not only fear but a dangerous mentality that contributes along with the Zionist “uber mensch” racist nationalism and also diabolically to the strong rise of anti-Semitism.. We must raise our voices and protest as a collective. Not to do so is to stand complicit with intolerable Zionist human rights .Not in my name!”
    Lillian Rosengarten
    Refugee, Nazi Germany

    • Ah, yes. The Jews should just allowed themselves to be slaughtered. And when hostile, aggressive hoodlums invade their homes and synagogues, they should lie down quietly and say “shoot me.”

  15. Laura Myerson

    You feel “unsafe” and suffer intolerable distress because two people try to read a statement critical of the IDF? Try living under occupation your entire life, unable to plant your fields, find work, move freely, always having guns pointed at you? As a Jew, I feel disgust at the racist, arrogant, vitriol you and other Zionists spew. Any criticism of Israel’s criminal acts is denounced as “hatred some extreme, anti-Israel fanatics have for Israel.” The fanatics are the extreme right wing government in Israel, and those who support them, in the face of overwhelming international opinion. Never can a person have a legitimate criticism — it’s just anti-Semitism. Disgraceful!

    • Laura, do you “feel disgust at the…vitriol” spewed by Gregory Williams?:

      Gregory Williams
      October 8, 2014 ·
      Let me say this loud and clear. Fuck Zionism. Fuck the Zionist entity. The so-called “state of Israel” has no right to a national existence in the middle east. As always, let me emphasize that I say this as a Jew. The only “solution” to the “middle east conflict” is to drive the Zionist dogs into the sea, once and for all. Jews should join in the effort of “disarming and dismantling” the Zionist Apartheid State.
      As noted by another 06880 reader, Gregory posted this on Facebook in connection with an article he posted about some right-wing extremists in Israel engaging in some despicable chants but, still, does one outrageous statement warrant an equally outrageous one? Is that what you believe?

      I have always supported a two-state solution and do not hold Israel blameless in the failure to attain permanent peace in dealing with the Palestinian situation. I have strong objections to Netanyahu’s policies, especially with respect to his handling of the building of settlements in the West Bank.

      But what many people seem to overlook or forget is that there was indeed a Palestinian state created at the same time Israel was created and it didn’t last–not because of Israel–but because neighboring Arab states immediately attacked Israel and, in the aftermath of that war, Jordan took control of the West Bank, Egypt took control of Gaza, and Israel took control of some other land for security purposes.

      And it has been the continuing threat in different forms to its security that has shaped Israeli policy ever since. While the wonderful documentary, “The Gatekeepers,” elicits the regrets of former heads of Israel’s secret service in terms of what might have been done to achieve peace with respect to the Palestinian situation, what is clear is that Israel was able to reach a peace treaty with Egypt when it had a bold and courageous partner in Anwar Sadat.

      The biggest obstacle ultimately to a peaceful two-state solution–that was the original plan of the U.N.–is not the hawkish Netanyahu or some of his right-.wing extremist supporters. In reality, it is the extremists on the other side. Because if the Palestinian Authority long ago had a leader comparable to Sadat, with a comparable willingness to break away from hostile positions of the past, it is far more likely we would have seen true peace in the West Bank and Gaza.

      • Gregory’s williams comments, though understandable, are wrong. They sound like the emotional reaction of someone to yet more ‘death to the Arabs’ chants. No one should be driven into the sea and contrary to Zionist myths the only people who were drive into the sea were the Palestinians of Haifa – literally.

        I could ask what Fred makes of the endorsement of genocidal statements on her FB page by Israel’s new Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked, the murder of Palestinian mothers who give birth to ‘little Palestinian snakes’, or Rabbi Eli Dahan, the new Deputy Defense Minister who believes Palestinians are ‘beasts’ definitely not human or that non-Jewish souls don’t match the superior Jewish version, or the support for Lehava, an out and out Kahanist organisation by Hotoveli MK or Miri Regev MK’s description of African refugees as a ‘cancer’ and when upbraided apologised – to cancer patients. Or of course the comments of the master of ceremonies, Netanyahu himself, who also went on FB to urge Jews to vote since Arabs were doing so in ‘droves’.

        2 States are dead. The question is whether you continue to support an ethnoreligious state that relegates Palestinians to the margins or a state of equality.

        • Tony, I fail to see why you deem Gregory’s statements “understandable.” There’s no excuse, period. Similarly, I have already made clear I oppose Netanyahu and his extremist supporters–(and his statements just prior to the election were reprehensible).

          But the notion of two states is far from dead.

          • Why are Gregory’s statements understandable? Perhaps he felt such a surge of anger at seeing these little Jewish Nazis chanting death to the Arabs and muttering their curses ‘may their memory be erased’ which was traditionally reserved for the worst of the Jews’ enemies, coupled with the violence meted out by the Police to any Palestinian bystander they could lay their hands on that he wished them all to die.

            Just as a wish to see the entirety of the Waffen SS swept up in a tidal wave would have been understandable. These are Yeshayahu Leibowitz’s Judeo Nazis who have the backing of Netanyahu and his cabinet of racist warmongers

            • Tony, by the vitriol you engage in, you unfortunately have demonstrated that you are part of the problem, and not the solution. And I assume you weren’t present when Temple Israel opened its doors with a warm welcome to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in 1964. Because, if you had, you (and Gregory) might have learned about how true progress can be achieved through truly non-violent means and through a path that does not stress hatred as you do.

              • Yes it’s sad that The Temple can open its doors to Martin Luther King and slam them shut when it comes to Palestinians. Did The Temple open its doors to the Alabama Police representatives or the State Governor in that State? If not why are the FIDF given free reign?

                What has the Temple to say about the mobs who rampage through the Old City of Jerusalem shouting ‘death to the Arabs’ ‘may their names be forever erased’ and other similar slogans? Why should Arabs be ‘advised’ by the Police to close their shops? Doesn’t this trigger some memories? Poland? ‘Death to the Jews’? Endeks? Have a look at some of the video footage. http://tinyurl.com/qxoy6ps

                You cannot forever trade on a 50+ year old meeting to bolster the Temple’s credentials. Anti-racism just like anti-fascism is an ongoing campaign. Non-violence can only work when there are others willing to respect it. In India a lot of myths grew up around Ghandi and he was a convenient figleaf for the British. In the US the actions of the segregationists in the Deep South were out of kilter with the majority in the States who wanted eg. an integrated work force.

                In Israel the desire of all Zionist parties is for separation from the Palestinians. In the past this meant transfer or expulsion. Non-violence has simply been seen as an incentive to get on with the job more quickly.

                But if you are sincere about Martin Luther King then what have you to say about the Israeli Government funding Ahava, a Kahanist organisation dedicated to preventing and breaking up Jewish-Arab relationships? ‘my sister is not used goods’ was their slogan on the Jerusalem Day rampage. The emphasis on the predatory Arab male enticing the innocent Jewish women is replete with the sexual imagery that the Nazis trade on in the lead up to the Nuremburg Laws of 1935, except then it was the Jewish male who was the seducer of the pure and innocent Aryan woman. Plus ca change.

                • Tony, I see that you are British. Did you live in America during the 1960s? If so, I am amazed that you would equate the IDF with the Alabama police of that period.

                  Part of your problem is that your historical analogies are so over the top–especially your continuing to invoke comparisons with the Nazis.

                  And, again, I don’t condone or support the right-wing extremists in Israel but your apparent repeated attempts to link modern-day Israel as a nation with Nazi Germany is beyond the pale.

                  How can you begin to compare a situation–Nazi Germany–where Jews were rounded up and exterminated with modern-day Israel, where Arabs have the right to vote, to practice their religion, to run businesses, are members of government, etc?

                  Even in the West Bank and Gaza, the treatment of the Palestinians does not bear any real comparison to what happened to Jews during the horrors of Nazi Germany. And, again, I believe there must truly be an independent Palestinian state. But it certainly has even less of a chance of happening with “advocates” such as yourself because it appears that you and Gregory are not as interested in achieving true independence for the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza as you are in bringing about the end of Israel (which, realistically, is not going to happen).

                  I’m really curious: have you expressed similar outrage about Saudi Arabia, where there is far less religious freedom than in Israel, the West Bank or Gaza? Do you check to make sure that you buy gasoline only from a company that does no business in Saudi Arabia? Or do you otherwise look to boycott companies that in any way do business in Saudi Arabia? If not, why not?

    • Perhaps the women didn’t notice two young people politely asking to read a statement, but saw the two hostile, aggressive trespassers who forced their way, uninvited, onto private property where a private function was being held and refused to leave?

  16. Paul H Cohen

    Thank you Dan Woog for publishing a Real debate over a Serious conflict of loyalties and their moral consequence.

  17. Malkah B. Feldman

    Good deeds require that we, at the very least, not hurt people. When we support the IDF we are aiding and abetting in the killing of Palestinians, supporting the idea that it is OK to take away their land, their water, and their human rights. No, as a Jewish person, I refuse to call this “good”. We can’t be participating in this and continue to think that we are good.

    It is time to pay attention. More and more Jewish people, especially the college age young people, are refusing to go along with the state of Israel and are saying, NO, you do not represent me — I will stand along-side Palestinians and fight for a society that honors all people – Jews and non-Jews alike. No apartheid with my (Jewish) name.

    • Feldman, you’ve got things backwards. Those of you kapos supporting the terrorists in their genocidal war against the Jewish people are the ones getting people hurt. The Israel DEFENSE Forces try to save lives. It’s truly amazing, given the way Hamas fires rockets from homes, schools and hospitals, that the IDF was able to keep civilian casualties as low as it did.

      • This is a good example of the hysterical, abusive and largely illiterate Zionist spewing the hatred we’ve all come to know so well.

        Kapos were those delegated to be, for want of a better word, the foremen in the concentration/extermination camps. They had little choice in the matter and those who performed these roles also died. By way of contrast the Zionist movement, was the preferred Jewish organisation for the Nazis [eg. Heydrich issued an order to the SS that ‘the activity of the Zionist-oriented youth organizations that are engaged in the occupational restructuring of the Jews for agriculture and manual trades prior to their emigration to Palestine lies in the interest of the National Socialist state’s leadership.’ These organisations therefore ‘are not to be treated with that strictness that it is necessary to apply to the members of the so-called German-Jewish organizations (assimilationists)’ Lucy Dawidowicz, War Against the Jews, p.118.]

        This is but one example of how the Alan Stein’s of the day were preferred to the vast majority of (anti-Zionist) German Jews.

        The Zionist collaboration [Stein probably doesn’t know the name Rudolph Kasztner, the Hungarian Zionist leader and collaborator with Eichmann, who kept the secret of Auschwitz from the 1/2 million Hungarian Jews who died at Auschwitz) was of a completely different order than the Kapos. Indeed the only Revolt at Auschwitz, which succeeded in blowing up Crematoria 4 was carried out by the Sonderkommando, i.e. the Kapos assigned to the gas chambers.

        I am not sure who is apparently waging a ‘genocidal war against the Jewish people’ since it was 2,200 Gazans who were killed in what Ilan Pappe has described as an act of incremental genocide. The 70 odd Israelis who died were almost all members of the IDF in contrast to the civilians that Israel butchered.

        But according to Stein, civilian casualties were kept low! Clearly he missed his vocation when recruitment to the Waffen SS was ended.

        • Tony, you’re actually right about one thing: many of the kapos had little choice. You do. While one can almost understand betraying your own people while they’re being murdered to save your own skin, it’s worse to betray your own people while they’re under genocidal attack when you have a choice, as you do today.

          Israel doesn’t have a choice: it either defends itself and its people or Jews get slaughtered.

          The Palestinian Arabs have a choice. They can finally accept the hand which Israel has always extended in peace, or continue their genocidal campaign, a campaign which has so far led them to misery.

          Mahmoud Abbas has admitted that a peace agreement could have been signed long ago had he been willing to exhibit any flexibility. But he refuses to compromise at all on his outrageous demands – indeed, he boasts about his intransigence – and his people suffer.

          And quislings like you blame the Jews. For shame.

          The obvious question is the one which Joseph Welch asked Senator Joseph McCarthy: “Have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency?”

          • What a muddled man you are. Presumably you didn’t hear Netanyahu rule out a 2 state solution, as have all his cabinet. I have no loyalty to the ‘Jewish people’. Suffice to say there is no entity. Do you think I would give my loyalty to a state that allows the fascists who roamed on Jerusalem Day through the Old Quarter of Jerusalem with their vile insults, including the obligatory Death to the Arabs? Jewish nationalism is just another form of idolatory. The worship of a state. As for the question asking Joe McCarthy as to whether he has any decency, it is a question for you. Labelling Jewish dissidents and anti-racists as quislings, traitors, kapos demonstrates that he was a mere pupil when it comes to Zionist blasphemies. My loyalty was to the tradition of the Jewish socialists who fought the Nazi mobs, led the Warsaw Ghetto Resistance and were abandoned by the Zionist state in the making, which never once sent emissaries to the Warsaw Ghetto or any other Polish ghettos. Yes the kapos had no choice and actually many of them were decent within the limits of the terrible deprivation they suffered too. But you have a choice and you choose to be an apologist for the land confiscation, the pogroms, the brutalities and all the rest of the racist nonsense that the ‘Jewish state’ perpetrates.

            • You either didn’t pay attention to what Netanyahu said or are deliberately distorting and misrepresenting what he said. He didn’t rule out a two-state solution. He simply observed that, given Abbas’ rejection of it – remember, Abbas, besides having meticulously avoiding real negotiations ever since walking away after being offered a Palestinian Arab state in the equivalent of all the disputed territory way back in 2008, has boasted a peace agreement would have been signed long ago had he been willing to exhibit any flexibility – there wasn’t any possibility of a two-state solution until conditions (including the utter rejection of any agreement by the Palestinian Arab leadership) changed.

              But please, don’t muddle your mind with the truth.

              • Yes everyone else seems to have heard Netanyahu, except his faithful lapdog Alan Stein. There has been nothing for Abbas to accept or reject. We all know that Netanyahu couldn’t seriously offer anything because none of his coalition partners would agree to it.

                Hence the demands have increased form recognising the Israeli state as per Oslo to recognising Israel as a racist Jewish state. I believe it should be recognised for what it is but I suspect that’s not what he wants either.

                • Perhaps everyone “heard” Netanyahu, but few actually listened. What he said was: “I think that anyone who moves to establish a Palestinian state today, and evacuate areas, is giving radical Islam an area from which to attack the State of Israel. This is the true reality that has been created in past years. Those that ignore it are burying their heads in the sand. The left does this, buries its head in the sand, time and again.”

                  Even Tzipi Livni acknowledged Netanyahu had offered far-reaching concessions in the recent “negotiations” Abbas for a short time pretended to participate in, but Abbas torpedoed the negotiations.

                  The United Nations Partition Plan, approved by the General Assembly, called for a Jewish state and an Arab state in the roughly 17 percent of Palestine left after 83 percent had been lopped off and given to the Arabs. Had the Arabs accepted that overly generous plan, things would be quite different now. There is, of course, a profound difference between the world’s only Jewish state and the dozens of Muslim states: in the world’s only Jewish state, everyone has equal rights. In the apartheid Palestine Abbas claims to want, Jews aren’t to be allowed.

                  But, please, don’t let the facts prevent you from hatefully defaming the only liberal, democracy in the Middle East, the only country in that area that gives everyone a fair shake and respects the human rights of all.

                  • Yes Netanyahu said that ‘”I think that anyone who moves to establish a Palestinian state and evacuate territory gives territory away to radical Islamist attacks against Israel,” Netanyahu said. “The left has buried its head in the sand time and after time and ignores this, but we are realistic and understand.” 16.3.15. http://www.haaretz.com/news/israel-election-2015/1.647212

                    Since his govt works with these radical Islamists we can see what hypocrisy this entails.

                    It’s quite clear. He opposes a 2 state. All the rest of the contribution is nonsense too. Palestine lay to the West of the Jordan. The original Palestine Mandate was simply a convenient placing of Transjordan within the British Empire’s remit for Palestine whilst the different negotiations took place. Even Jabotinsky, who was then on the zionist Executive agreed with removing Transjordan from the Mandate so we actually have the Jewish state taking up far more of the area than numbers wanted.

                    But it wasn’t the UN’s to give anyway. It was the land of the Palestinians.

                    As for Israel being a liberal democracy – yeah I guess demolishing Bedouin villages in the Negev, forbidding Arabs to rent Jewish property, torture and the imprisonment and shackling of Palestinian children also come under that rubric.

        • Ah, Ilan Pappe. He’s about as reliable as Pinocchio.

          It’s terrible that about 2,000 people in Gaza lost their lives, even though the majority were members of terror groups and the number of civilians was amazingly low. It’s even sadder that 4-5 times as many people were killed in Syria during the same period, and that about 100 times as many have been killed during the civil war in Syria.

          The fact that people got killed, however, was the fault not of Israel but of Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Fatah and the other terror groups in Gaza.

          Hamas worked very hard to maximize civilian casualties. It may have preferred to murder Jews, but it was also delighted when Arabs got caught in the line of fire, especially the way useful idiots helped give them propaganda points.

          Israel worked very hard to minimize civilian casualties. It succeeded beyond reason, but still gets blamed.

          Such is the yoke borne by the Jewish state, the Jew among the nations.

          Greatly worth reading: Isi Liebler’s latest article, published today: “Curbing the self-loathing Jewish defamers of Israel.”

          • Yes the Nazis reported that the majority of those Jews killed by the Einsatzgruppen killing squads were ‘bandits’. The lies don’t change even if the people do.
            Yes we know Israel is enjoying the civil war in Syria. So much so that they are in de facto alliance with Al Qaeda’s al Nusra Front and ISIS, whom they’ve been providing logistical support for, medical treatment and in one case a direct attack on the Hezbollah who are fighting them. As a number of Israeli spokesmen have made clear, the West is fighting the wrong wing of Islam and the real threat is the Shi’ite Crescent.
            Yes yes, we know Israel is never to blame for those it kills. Wasn’t that the rationale of the final solution? The Jews were the cause of the conflagration. You have learnt well.
            Yes Hamas worked hard to maximise the casualties. Unlike what the soldiers who have given testimony to Breaking the Silence have said, which is that areas they entered were deemed free fire zones. No doubt those 4 kids killed on the beach by fire from Israeli planes, not a Hamasnick in sight, were also killed by Hamas. Everything = everything, language means nothing, truth is lies. Orwell eat your heart out.
            Jewish critics of Israel loathe people like you Stein and the barbarism of your ‘Jewish’ state. We love people regardless of ethnicity/race etc. We leave the hate politics to the Lehavas and Kahanists you are so fond of. As for Leibler no doubt those who are convinced will devour his tripe.

            • As is typical of the Israel haters, you basically falsely accuse Israel and its supporters of your own sins.

              Israel is doing its best to stay out of the Syrian quagmire, while providing medical assistance to some of the victims in that brutal, multi-sided civil war in which its hard to find any good guys. Certainly, the Assad government and its allies including Hezbollah and Hezbollah’s Iranian overlords are not good guys. But most of those on the other side are equally bad.

              In terms of “Breaking the Silence,” the type of anonymous testimony which has proven so unreliable and generally fictitious in the past would probably not be reported were they maligning anyone other than Israel, especially since much of their financing comes from EU donors with the proviso that they elicit testimony against Israel. The donors clearly aren’t interested in the truth of the testimony, only that it malign Israel.

              In the specific instance you site, you conveniently left out the fact that Israel was responding to fire from that very area. One wonders why parents let their children wander around places from which terrorists are operating, although sometimes they have no choice, since Hamas prevented people from leaving.

              • Yup, Israel is providing medical assistance to ‘some of the victims’ if Al Qaeda can be so described. Of course, being a gullible propagandist, then anything the Israeli state feeds you you lap up.

                However Ha’aretz, Israel’s sole liberal paper, reported that ‘
                ‘UN reveals Israeli links with Syrian rebels
                Reports by UN observers in the Golan submitted to 15 members of Security Council detail regular contact between IDF officers and armed Syrian opposition figures at the border.’ http://www.haaretz.com/news/diplomacy-defense/.premium-1.630359

                and then there was ‘ West making big mistake in fighting ISIS, says senior Israeli officer
                IDF Northern Command officer says he thinks the U.S.-led coalition intervened too early against the Sunni militants, and ‘not necessarily in the right direction.’ http://www.haaretz.com/news/diplomacy-defense/1.623717

                And then there was Sedki al-Maket, rearrested in secret by Israel’s Shin Bet for exposing collaboration between Syrian rebels and the IDFhttp://www.richardsilverstein.com/2015/02/28/israel-secretly-arrests-golani-druze-accusing-him-of-exposing-al-nusra-idf-collaboration/

                Yes you can shoot the messenger. It’s easier than dealing with the message. Ah yes, Breaking the Silence is funded by ‘EU donors’ (actually probably the New Israel Fund) so what it says must be suspect since they demand something anti-Israel. And how do you know? Well of course this is the usual Zionist paranoia.

                And being beasts and animals (Israel’s new Deputy Defence Minister Eli Dahan) Palestinians don’t care if their kids wander where ‘terrorists’ are operating. Wonder if that applies to the Israeli Defence Ministry that is based in Tel Aviv city centre? Gaza being such a massive country. And no doubt that applied to the kids sheltering in UN schools and playing on the beach until Israel caught up with them.

                People like you are sick. Goebbels would have learnt a trick or two from disgusting reptiles like yourself.

                • The West is making a mistake by effectively allying itself with Iran, a far bigger problem than ISIS. One result, relating to the interrelated, disastrously conducted nuclear negotiations, is that Saudi Arabia has now contracted to buy nuclear weapons from Pakistan. Bye, bye nuclear non-proliferation. Hello, hello, nuclear arms race in the most unstable region in the world.

                  BTW, although I did catch a bug recently on the long flight back from Israel, I’m perfectly healthy now.

                  The only thing I can think of that Goebbels might have learned from me was that when the facts are on your side, as they are with the supporters of Israel, you don’t have to lie to effectively support your side. But I believe he knew that and he also knew, as you clearly know as I can infer from all your distortions and misrepresentations, that the converse is also true.

                  • I’m pleased you acknowledge your debt to Joseph Goebbels. As well you should.
                    I haven’t heard Israel say much about Saudi Arabia’s attempt to obtain nuclear weapons. Maybe that’s because of the de facto Zionist-Saudi alliance.
                    And having denied the link up with ISIS with the usual dishonest explanations (we only treat their wounded!) it seems you’re now owning up to the strategic options. Iran challenges Israel’s regional hegemony therefore it is the main enemy. ISIS is effectively doing Israel’s work in Syria (though in Iraq it has trashed Bush’s handywork) therefore it should be supported.
                    Of course a more principled stance would be to support Sunni Muslims opposed to ISIS and Iranians opposed to the clerical regime as well as a democratic Syria but democracy throughout the region is the last thing Israel wants. A confessionalised Syria, with much bloodshed, or an Egyptian police state, is what Israeli foreign policy desires. Oh and an alliance with the most reprehensible regime of all in the Arab world, the Saudis.
                    A lovely thing the Jewish state. Even Jews can become pogromists today.

                    • Actually, a truly democratic Middle East would be a dream come true for Israel. Since it’s extremely rare – it’s hard for me to even come up with a single example – for democracies to fight each other, a democratic Middle East would almost certainly result in what Israelis desire most: to simply live in peace.

                    • ‘Actually, a truly democratic Middle East would be a dream come true for Israel.’
                      Why? Israeli Arabs have never had any experience of it. And no one can pretend that the Palestinians of the Occupied Territories are part of a democratic Israel. There are 2 separate systems of law on the West Bank. The Palestinians play no part in electing any body that controls the military.
                      What was the response when the Egyptian dictator Mubarak was toppled?
                      ‘If Egypt’s President Hosni Mubarak is toppled, Israel will lose one of its very few friends in a hostile neighborhood and President Barack Obama will bear a large share of the blame, Israeli pundits said on Monday.

                      Political commentators expressed shock at how the United States as well as its major European allies appeared to be ready to dump a staunch strategic ally of three decades, simply to conform to the current ideology of political correctness.

                      Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has told ministers of the Jewish state to make no comment on the political cliffhanger in Cairo, to avoid inflaming an already explosive situation. But Israel’s President Shimon Peres is not a minister.
                      “We always have had and still have great respect for President Mubarak,” he said on Monday. He then switched to the past tense. “I don’t say everything that he did was right, but he did one thing which all of us are thankful to him for: he kept the peace in the Middle East.”

                      Newspaper columnists were far more blunt.’
                      Reuters, 31.1.11., http://www.reuters.com/article/2011/01/31/us-egypt-israel-usa-idUSTRE70U53720110131
                      US imperialism and its Israeli watchdog has always preferred reliable Middle East dictators like the Shah of Iran or the Saudi royals to democracy and the rule of the Arab street.

                      Yet again the hasbarist comes up short when it comes to specifics.

  18. Why would anyone seek peace with those who do not want it? Why listen to 45 year-old lies? It is time; DNFTT.


    ” There is no solution to the Palestinian problem except by Jihad.

    The initiatives, proposals and International Conferences are but a waste

    of time(27), an exercise in futility. The Palestinian people are too noble

    to have their future, their right and their destiny submitted to a vain


  19. I can only guess that you guys are around the same age…
    Why not get together and share a meal? I’m sure the voiceless women will cook.

  20. There was a time when Jews suffered from pogromists. Today it is the Arabs of israel and Jerusalem who experience it.

    Below is a blog post on the horrific scenes from last Sunday’s Jerusalem Day and the violence and hate that usually accompanies it. ‘Death to the Arabs’, the usual chant being supplemented by such gems as ‘Daughters of israel for the Nation of israel’ and ‘My sister is not used goods’ referring to Jewish women who might be thinking of a relationship with an Arab man (in this neo-Nazi viewpoint, women are property whereas Jewish males are free to have such liasons. Reminds me of Nuremburg and the laws of 1935.

    Police attacked Palestinian cameramen as the videos show. What was that a bout Israel being a ‘light unto the nations’?

    • Reminds me of Joe McCarthy waving what was actually a blank piece of paper.

      • so pogroms are fine as long as Jews are the perpetrators? No doubt your hero Joe would have approved

        • Thank you for putting words in my mouth.

          Given that my sole purpose here is to try to inoculate any gullible readers against the anti-Israel venom you and your ilk are spewing and hardly anyone lurks in a thread like this more than a day or two, I’m now leaving with just one last observation: As I was typing this, I received a message about Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reiterating to the EU foreign minister “I support the vision of two states for two peoples.” The problem, as always, remains that this vision, or any vision of peace, is not shared by Israel’s enemies.

          Shalom. Salaam. Peace.

  21. Bobbie Herman

    The persecuted have become the persecutors.

    • Are you speaking for all Democrat women on this issue?

      “Bobbie Herman, President, Democratic Women of Westport.”

      • Bobbie Herman

        I did not identify myself as such on this post, but on the one about nail salons. I wrote to Attorney General George Jepsen in that capacity. And, by the way, it’s DEMOCRATIC. Don’t show your ignorance.

        • No, it’s Democrat. Don’t show your hostility. There are people who are democratic, but not Democrats. And you posted on this blog in that capacity in another thread. You chose the identity. It is attached to your posts.

          • Bobbie Herman

            Now you are definitely showing your ignorance. “Democrat” is a noun. “Democratic” is an adjective. I am a Democrat and a Democratic woman. The full legal title of the party is “Democratic Party,” regardless of what Rush Limbaugh and the rest of the ditto-heads call it. And as far as the post that originally inspired your insipid comment, I spoke for myself in no official capacity, but I’m sure there are others who agree with me. In fact, I first heard that comment from an Israeli woman. about twenty years ago.

            • In reality, you have shown your ignorance on the issue. “The persecuted have become the persecutors.” It doesn’t matter where you heard it; it is wrong. You and the rest of your fellow Democrats who adhere to that position are incapable of generating a coherent thought.

              • You, Mr. Petrino, seem like a “Persecutor”, yourself, a bully enjoying a sense of control over your “victims”, deaf to any opinion but your own.
                Bobbie is entitled to her opinion, so lay off or respond in a more civilized way, please.

    • Your use of the term ‘innoculate’ is interesting. Like all racists you see things in pathological and biological terms. You cannot ‘innoculate’ against reason and truth, however much you try.

      There is therefore no venom or poison and you have failed therefore, even in your own limited terms. It is indisputable that those who rampaged through Jerusalem a few days ago engaged in a modern view of the pogrom. Arabs told by Police to stay indoors was itself outrageous. Little Hitlers paraded shouting insults, curses and of course ‘death to the Arabs’ – the signature tune of you peace lovers.

      This year it seems Lehava came into its own. ‘My sister isn’t used goods’ ‘Daughters of Israel for the nation of Israel’. You have nothing to say about this, the mentality of Nuremburg. Sexually insecure young men see the Arab male predator as a direct threat, both to their own prowess and the Jewish race. It follows the murder of and hospitalisation of Arabs suspected of looking at the Aryan, sorry Jewish women. What have you to say? Nothing.

      In my own Palestine solidarity group someone mentioned how the Torah forbade Jewish and non-Jewish liaisons and I pointed out that this is not uncommon in religion. The Catholic religion used to do the same with respect to Protestants. Such views are chauvinist not racist. It is when the state adopts such chauvinism as its own and harnesses it to an ethno nationalism, with all the demographic fears that the ‘Jewish’ state expresses, that it becomes a virulent form of racism.

      The Torah notwithstanding, amongst diaspora Jews the ‘marrying out’ rate is approximately 50%. Religious Jews, like my parents, opposed mixed marriages but their influence has diminished. In Israel it is seen, as Yediot Aharanot termed it, national treason. But to you, a poor propagandist for Zionism, such arguments are too sophisticated.

      Netanyahu may have expressed his ‘vision’ of 2 states to the EU foreign minister (there isn’t one but no matter) but we know it’s a lie. His settlement policy long ago put paid to any such vision. He makes it for diplomatic reasons. But whereas politicians and diplomats are paid to lie abroad on behalf of their country you have no such excuse.

      I merely cite this as an example since I have always opposed the 2 states solution as being no solution. It fails to deal with the core of the problem, the existence of a settler colonial state and all that implies.

  22. Thanks for sharing your opinion. I will continue
    to post mine. I do hope you don’t object. Your approval
    means so much to me.

  23. Oscar Sepulvedo

    This situation (and the 06880blog posts) have attracted national attention. http://electronicintifada.net/blogs/ali-abunimah/peaceful-protest-connecticut-fundraiser-israeli-army-prompts-police-lockdown