WAC Flags Wave

Downtown Westport’s most iconic symbol is the Post Road bridge. For years, residents and visitors have admired dozens of flags flying proudly on both sides.

For much of the year, they’re the Stars and Stripes. On jUNe Day and UN Day, those are replaced by countries around the globe.

This week, the flags are from the Westport Arts Center. They support the upcoming “Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil” fundraiser, set for Saturday at Vespa and National Hall — the handsome building anchoring the west end of the bridge.

(Photo/Helen Klisser During)

(Photo/Helen Klisser During)


2 responses to “WAC Flags Wave

  1. Tracy Flood

    I never knew we were allowed to do that for fund raising events!!!

  2. Quite a provocative theme for a fundraiser!
    Colorful flags and banners along bridges, though, are always a good way of advertising good causes.