Nurse Pam And The 100-Mile Club

Pam Ross was a great Staples field hockey player. After graduating in 1977, she starred at the University of Connecticut.

Today, Pam Ross Maynard is an elementary school nurse. She hasn’t lost her passion for physical fitness. The result: Students at her inner-city school are thriving academically, socially and healthfully.

In 2013, “Nurse Pam” ran a staff-wide “Biggest Loser” weight-loss contest at Elias Brookings Elementary School in Springfield, Massachusetts. A few kids asked to join.

Inspired, Pam discovered the “100 Mile Club.” The national program encourages youngsters to reach 100 miles over the course of a year. Every 15 minutes spent playing, walking or running is worth 1 mile.

So, 3 times a week — from 7:45 to 8:30 a.m. — Pam and the school’s phys. ed. teacher convene the 100 Mile Club.

The results have been “staggering,” according to the video above. Attendance rates soared; academic benefits are clear. Parents have joined the program too, and walk with their children.

Brookings has a few strikes against it. 98% of the students live below the poverty line. In 2011, the school was devastated by a tornado.

But it’s been rebuilt. Now — thanks to Nurse Pam and a few others, all of whom volunteer their time — the children are thriving.

And learning lessons that will last a lifetime, inside the classroom and out.

(Hat tip: Nancy Kondub)

2 responses to “Nurse Pam And The 100-Mile Club

  1. This a great story to share Dan, thank you! This supports the need for children/students to have the opportunity to move and be active before, during and after school (adults can benefit too!). The results on better attendance, improved academics, and just “feeling better” also support the ever increasing body of science-based research on the connection between the body and mind (psychomotor, cognitive, and affective domains). This is also happening right here in Westport through several of the elementary schools a.m. running programs and Staples High School’s Learning Readiness PE offering!

  2. Great concept and I really like the fact that this is designed so that anyone can participate; you don’t have to be a good athlete. Kudos to Pam.