This Old (Out)House

“06880” readers have been following the Westport Historical Society’s quest to identify a series of old houses — photographed through a 1930s WPA project — prior to an exhibit documenting the changing face of local homes.

This may not be an old house worth saving. It’s actually an outbuilding.

Sue Gold

Okay, okay — it was an outhouse.

We know exactly where, too: Suzanne Sheridan’s property, on North Avenue just north of Coleytown Road.

But Susan Gold — the Historical Society president — is happy to try to save it from being torn down.

Okay, that’s not what she’s trying to do. She was actually being photographed by  Suzanne, to promote her other gig (teaching yoga).

Hey, I thought it was funny.

Bathroom humor, if you will.

6 responses to “This Old (Out)House

  1. Eileen Lavigne Flug

    What a great photo of an out-standing yogini!!

  2. This is one teardown that is past tearing. But Sue, being Sue, is a mighty warrior and an advocate for historical buildings worth saving. Evidently she found “gold” in our outhouse.

  3. Good one! Sue is amazing!

  4. Tom Turnbull

    Out house in yard = W.C. Fields.

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  5. sandy johnson

    AH takes me back to my growing up days on the farm in NJ We had a 2 seater outhouse which my father kept in “working “order as there were times we had to use it!! We’re talking some 70 years ago and power outages were very common.

    • Well, 70 years later power outages are very common here, in our fine homes with indoor plumbing.